DIY Room Decor Ideas That Are Basically Magic – 2020

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The people are tired of being stuck at home and used to seeing the same thing day after day. You know that, of all the places at home, the bedroom is without a doubt the most personal one. Unlike other areas at home, guests may not visit this, but it still deserves a great deal of attention. You can make just a little effort to make your bedroom soothe and peaceful.

We compiled an impressive list of DIY room decor ideas for your convenience that are magic and affordable. You can get different and awesome ideas from here, to decorate your room. If you want to get more information, then read the article till the end.

20 Diy Room Decor Ideas That Are Basically Magic

1- Colourful Geometric Headboard

The colorful Geometric headboard has become popular in the last few years. It looks lovely and captures your attention immediately. The geometric headboard is very easy to make; just follow these steps. In the first step, you need form sheets and cut them in various geometric shapes. After that, use a smooth finish to cover the sides of the sheets with a spatula. Now, you can leave them overnight to harden the smooth finish. In the last step, you can paint all pieces and, after dry, wrap all the pieces with mounting tape. You can place them on the wall in a random pattern.

2- DIY Glass Terrariums

The Glass Terrarium is one of the best decor ideas which are mostly used for room decor. It is effortless to make the Glass Terrariums at home just follow these steps. You can take a glass container closed from the top and cover the bottom with a layer of pebbles or gravel. After that, add a layer of charcoal and then the top of that, add a layer of compost. Now, you add a variety of small plants in it. If you want to decor it more, then add mosses, pebbles or other decorative items. In the last step, clean the glass and water them when the composite dries out.

3- Easy Speckled Nesting Bowls

DIY speckled nesting bowls - almost makes perfect

It is a very decent way to store your rings, earring and other small items. You can make speckled nesting bowls with the help of clay at home easily. You just need a clay piece, small paintbrush, acrylic paint, craft rolling pin and one bowl. After that, you can turn the bowl upside down and use it to shape your clay piece.

You can press the clay into a glass bowl and smooth the clay edges in the bowl with the help of clay tools. You should allow the bowl to sit overnight in a warm, dry area. Now, remove the bowl and let it dry for 24 to 48 hours according to the room temperature. Once the clay is dehydrated, file down the top edges with the help of a nail file, you can use Acrylic paint in different colors to color them. Your DIY speckled nesting bowls are ready, and also it will enhance the beauty of your room.

4- DIY Peg Board

The Peg Board is super simple but looks pretty cool and made in a single day. First, you take a big polywood sheet and layout the alignment of the holes in the sheet. You will create a total of 24 holes, four rows and six columns on the sheet. Then, you grabbed a strip of plywood that is smaller than the board and marked the center. You can also mark 1cm away from the edge because of that the strip can be aligned perfectly every time.

You can mark the place for the holes and use the drill press with a Forstner bit to make sure that they are straight or vertical. If you don’t have a drill press, no worries; just drill them by hand as straighter as you can. You can use a chamfering bit to create a tiny chamfer on the holes. Now, you could turn it around and do the same to the back. You just use some strong hangers and screws to attach the board directly to the wall. After that, attach the small shelves with boards and paint them. The DIY pegboard is ready and changes the whole look of your room.

5- DIY canopy

17 Dreamy DIY Bedroom Canopies for Those Who Are Pure Dreamer at Heart

The DIY canopy is the best room decor idea that looks amazing. You need white net fabric or any other color. If you want to make a colorful canopy, It is tough to fit the complete fabric in a frame. You can fold the fabric sides like curtains and secure it with pins. Now, sew them and remove the pins safely.

You can do this with only one side and leave the other side unstitched. You can take an embroidery ring and then use a white ribbon to wrap it around the ring. Now, pace out the ring from the whole of the net fabric and hang the canopy with the help of the ribbon. You cut the net from 4 opposite sides and put the ribbon through the ring or tire them.

6- DIY Dream catcher

The dream catcher is a great piece to hang in the bedroom and looks fantastic. The dream catcher is very easy to make just follow these steps. The materials you need are String Ring, Feathers beads, Thread, Handicraft Glue, and Scissor.

You can use a 10cm diameter ring and tie the knot. Then, wrap the string around the ring and double-check to make sure it is tight or has no gap. Next, apply the glue to prevent it from loosening and cut off the excess ring. Now, tie the thread on the ring and secure it.

You can put it straight in the middle and mark with making a small gap. Make a loop and make a diagonal web. You can pull it tight to produce a better looking wed. You can complete the first round and repeat it until it is from the web. After completing the web, put the bead in the middle and secure it with glue.

You can again tie one more knot to double secure it. In the last step, put the thread through the web and decorate it with beads and feathers. Again, you can put one more thread through the web, but make sure it will be shorter than the first one and again decorate with beads and feathers. Repeat these steps at least four times, and your DIY dream catcher is ready to hang out.

7- Upcycled Chalkboard Globe

The chalkboard Globe is an elementary and amazing DIY idea for your room decor. The materials you need to make a chalkboard globe are letter stickers, chalkboard spray, eraser, globe and chalk. First, you can place the letters stickers on the globe and paint the globe with chalkboard paint. Now, Apply 2-3 coats of paint and ensure that each coat is fully dry then apply another and peel off the stickers. In the last step, fill the free space with the help of chalk and erase.

8- DIY Glitter Switch Plates

If you want some new switch plates for your room, then use this DIY idea. The material you needed to make this DIY glitter switch plates are Switch cover, Glitters in a variety of colors, Rubbing Alcohol, Ultra seal, Paintbrush, two mixing cups, two stirring sticks, and Disposable gloves. To coat the entire plate surface, use ultra paint with the brush. Now, pour out the glitter of your favorite color on the plate and rinse out the extra glitter. After one hour again, sprinkle the glitter and rinse out the extra glitter with the help of a brush. You can leave it overnight and apply another coat of decoupage medium to help prevent the glitter from coming off.

9- Honeycomb Wall

The honeycomb Accent wall is the best DIY idea to make your room more beautiful. First, you can paint the wall of your favorite base color and divide it into half. Now, use the painter’s shape and cut the pieces of 8 inches. You can shape a hexagon and make sure the hexagon’s level both horizontally and vertically. After that, paint in the hexagons, and after dry, the paint removes the painter’s tape.

10- Paper Ornament

The paper ornament is a very decent and DIY room decor idea. You can also hang it in front of the outdoors or whatever you want. The materials you will need are paillettes, colorful beads, ribbon, straw, pliers, safety pins, and wire. First, take an ornament flower pattern and outline the back of the printout sheet. Then, mark the center with a dot and cut along the outline.

You can poke an in the center and at the end of each petal. Poke a hole in the center of 2 paillettes and also cut a five-strand of wire. After that, bend a loop on one end and also cut two pieces of straw. Now, thread a bead and paillette on the wire and add the cutout the print facing down. You can add the straw in the center and thread each petal on the wire, one by one.

Also can add another palette and bead on the top of the ornament. You can trim the extra wire to make a loop and knot the ribbon through the loop. Your DIY ornament gets ready to hang, and it looks fabulous.

11- DIY Tissue Paper Covered Pots

If you want a unique and colorful pot, then this is for you. The materials that you should require are Tissue paper, 16 oz foam cup, scissors, Chenille Stems, Acrylic paint, marbles/ stones, fom piece, markers, and paintbrushes. You can directly use an earthen pot after soaking in the water and paint them pink color. Take the tissue paper and cut the desired shape and, with the help of glue, start pasting the cuts off. You can apply the glue at the corners with a soft hand. Else, the tissue paper may tear off. Now, After pasting the tissue paper, leave it overnight for dry, and your DIY tissue paper covered pots become ready.

12- Flower Wall

DIY Flower Wall | Creative wall decor, Diy flower wall, Room decor

The DIY flower wall is one of the best DIY ideas for room decor. First, you can use wire mesh with 1” x 1” holes and cut off the stalks. You can choose the three shades of roses and mount the flower in the wire mesh. Start from the top row and also make sure to mount alternate color flowers. You can do the same with the two rows and do not overlap colors with the row above.

Fill the wire mesh till the middle with flowers and turn the mesh or work from the bottom row. You can mount the flowers in the three rows and lay it flat on the ground. Now, work from the sides, then slowly towards the center. Fill up space and press lightly together. In the last step, you can turn to the back and secure all the stalks with the garden wire.

13- Tassel Garland

If you are tired of seeing the same walls in your room and want something new, then use this DIY idea. First, you can take your tassel garland and a tissue tassel and start by lying one sheet out flat. You can roll the sheet upwards and fold the rolled sheet in half. Now, twist to secure and pass out the twisted sheet from the ribbon. For making a foil tassel, follow the first three steps mentioned above and this time secured with an elastic. You can pass out the tassel from the ribbon and use other tassels on the ribbon. After that, simply hang on the wall, and it’s eye-catching.

14- DIY String Art

String Art Made Easy for Kids - Infarrantly Creative

The string art is a trendy one, and different people do it with different patterns. Here, I will show you the easy but different DIY string Art. First, you can take an OSB (wooden) board 50 X 50 cm and then paint it in the black with spray paint. You can pull back 2cm from the edge and draw a square. You can mark each 1cm, and it should be 47 nails on every line.

Then, find the center of the board, draw diagonals, and make sure the lines are parallel to the square’s side. Now, again mark the lines of 1cm each, and it should be 11 nails on each line. After that, take blue threats and start making string. Tie the one end of the thread with the one bottom nail and then with the opposite nail. You can do this until the string can make and make sure to pull the threat on the center nail two times.

15- Make Butterfly stickers

RoomMates Pink Flutter Butterflies Wall Decals | buybuy BABY

It is a trendy idea for decorating the wall of the room. You can make it at home easily just by following these steps. You can take a thick white paper and draw butterfly shapes with the help of a led pencil. Then, cut it with the help of scissors and put this butterfly sticker on paper again. You can cut the 50-100 butterfly of the same shape and then decorate it with the sparkle pen, glitters etc. You can attach it to the wall with the help of glue.

16- Handmade Carpet

The handmade carpet is the soul of the room, and without the carpet room is incomplete. You can easily make it according to the colour combination of your room. You can put the handmade carpet in front of your bed and the small one at the entrance. If you have an attached bathroom then, also put the small carpet in front of the bathroom.

17- Silk Flower Monogram

The flower monogram is a very decent and eye-catching DIY idea for room decor. First, you can use a paintbrush and apply the glue on the cardboard. Then, place the printed letter onto the glued cardboard, rubbing it to remove air bubbles and lumps. You can allow the glue to dry and color the letter using pink paint.

Now, Allow the paint to dry and cut along the lines of the letter. To make the flowers use different sized squares. You can cut the spiral into the square and snip off the square corner. So, you have only curved corners left. You can roll the paper firmly into a tight roll and secure with glue. When you have rolled to the end and let’s go!

The paper flower should sit it in its shape and again apply glue on the letter. You can dab the bit of glue at the bottom of the flower to hold it together, then pressed it on the glued letter. You can use the thicker cardboard, as this will hold more effectively. If the flowers unravel or ‘fall out’ when you stand the letter up, apply the more glue.

18- Pretty Jewelry Organizer

The jewelry is the main thing in the girl’s room, and the jewelry organizer is essential. It is effortless just to take forms and attach them to the wooden box. It is best for earnings. You can also use a wooden stick to hang out the bangles and other accessories. Now attach it to the wall.

19- Circle Chain Mirror

The circle chain mirror is one of the best room decor ideas. It is made of wooden sheets and a simple mirror. You can simply cut the wooden sheet in circle shape and cut the mirror in shape. Now attach the mirror on the wooden sheet and hang on the mirror. Attach the chain on the top of the mirror.

20- DIY Happy Dots Wall Art

The colorful dots wall affects your mood and also enhances the beauty of the room. The DIY happy dots can be made easily on the wall. The main part of the project is to measure out the alignment of the dots. You can use different colors of your choice.