DIY – Perfect Beachy Waves with a Flat Iron 2020

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Whether you are going to the beach or not, a beachy wave is one hairdo that’d never fail you. So, what are you waiting for? Get your perfect beachy waves with a flat iron, and here, we tell you how to get easy, yet sexy beach waves!

Its better, if your hair is a bit damp, so, don’t blow-dry your hair completely, before doing this one.

Step 1 
  • Split your hair into sections (depending upon the thickness of your hair) and make braid of each.




Step 2
  • Make loose braids, you don’t wanna make small tight braids, otherwise, your hair will be a lot messy and nothing close to gentle beachy waves.
Step 3
  • Apply heat resistant spray or serum, and twist the braid away from your face


Step 4
  • Now, run the flat iron on each braid for a couple of times in the same direction that the hair is twisted.


Step 5
  • Let your hair dry. Then, undo the braids and run your fingers in your hair.


Now, you have sexy beach waves to flaunt, and the easy trick behind it to tell your girlfriends. Have a great day!


Buying Guide For Flat Irons

Every single girl becomes possessive when it comes to their hair because healthy hair is the dream. Girls not only want a sleek hairstyle but also they want to damage their hair.

When it comes to straightening the hair, we always prefer to get a less damaging process. And selecting the right straightener is one of the steps.

Now, it is difficult to get to know which straightener would be perfect for that as they are classified as titanium straighteners and the ceramic straighteners.

Titanium Straighteners are the ones that are designed for thick hair. These kinds of straightener work with a high amount of heat and keeps your hair straight for a long time.

Whereas the Ceramic Straighteners are the perfect choice for fine hair as it works with the low amount of heat as compared to the titanium straighteners.

Both of these kinds have their own pros and cons but still who compromise over a fine and alluring look.

Which flat iron is the perfect Titanium Straightener or the Ceramic Straightener?

The question arises in which one of them is the perfect one for your hair. Well, it totally depends upon the type of your hair. The only difference that these straighteners have is the temperature of the heat.

If it is easy to straighten your hair then we recommend going with the ceramic straighteners. And if your hair is a bit rough and dry in texture then go for the titanium straighteners because rough hair requires a bit more heat than the fine hair. So choose wisely before making a purchase.

5 Best Hair Straighteners

1.     HSI professional Glider Hair Straightener


  • Glider Ceramic Straightener
  • Includes Argan Oil Treatment
  • 110/220 Dual Voltage
  • Extra-long Cord

The HIS professional Glider hair straightener is a ceramic hair straightener that is used in the salons for the professional level.

This kind of hair straightener works perfectly with all kinds of hair types as it is designed with the tourmaline-infused ceramic plates.

The negative ions along with the smaller water molecules reduce the fizziness from the hair. This straightener is long-lasting the flexible to flip and has a long cord.

2.     Hai Gold Convertible Professional Flat Iron


  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Provides Salon Quality
  • 25 Ceramic Plates
  • Auto-shuts off

This hair straightener has precision plates that are suitable for all types of hair. This flat iron heats up quickly begins to work in no time.

It provides professional quality results with the help of the negative ions which infuses moisture for a silky smooth look.

The auto-shutoff makes you carefree. The lightweight body of this straightening iron makes convenient to take it anywhere or everywhere.

3.    Formawell Beauty X Kendall


  • Long- lasting device
  • 24k ionic gold surface
  • Fast heating up technology
  • Has dual Voltage

This straightener provides a long-lasting look to your hair in a single go and gives you a salon look. The negative ion technology of this straightener is revolutionary as it has a 24k ionic-gold surface.

The digital Led screen allows the user to select the temperature according to the requirement and saves you a lot of time.

This flat iron keeps a constant control over the temperature because this device will automatically shut off.

4.     Professional Hair Straightener by FURIDEN


  • Directional switch
  • 360 degrees Swivel Cord
  • Dual voltage
  • Balanced heating plates

The Furiden professional hair straighter comes with a directional switch. You can adjust the heat by clockwise button.

This straightener is able to provide you sleek and silky hair with just a single touch. It heats up in just 15s and saves your time and energy.

The long cord swivels at 360 degrees. This flat iron works 2 in one as a flat iron and as a curler. This straightener has 2 different temperature level with the auto-shut off.

5.     Hai Classic Convertible Professional Flat Iron


  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Durable
  • Heats up rapidly
  • Multi-tasking flat iron

With the help of this straightener, you can easily adjust the temperature. The 1.25 precision inches plates, you can easily straighten the thick hair.

This straightener can work as a hair straightener and a curler too. The advanced technology helps to heat the straightener quickly.

How to get beachy hair naturally

In the above, we mentioned the tips and steps, how to get perfect beachy waves with a flat iron. Now, here we listed down the best natural method for getting the perfect beachy hair naturally without any heat.

1- Night burns

If you want the perfect natural beachy waves, then follow these steps, before going to bed, split your hairs into three to four sections according to your hair thickness. Twist each section and make a burn.

2- Catch Some Z’S

Apply hair spray on your burns slightly and go to sleep. Leave your burns overnight to get natural beachy waves

3- Release your burns

When you get up in the morning, release your burns and run the fingers through your hairs slightly. It gives you a perfectly natural look.

These are some easy steps that you follow and get natural beach waves without using heat tools. It also saves your money and protects your hair from damage.

How to get beachy waves with texturizer

If you have naturally wavy hair and want to maintain its texture or shine then use a hair texturizing product.

Apply a texture product like; L’Oreal Paris overworked Hair Putty, it will preserve the texture of hair which will destroy due to excessive heat and other hair treatments and give you natural wavy hair.