DIY: Paper Quilled Earrings

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Every girl is fond of creating something new and innovative all the time. The biggest thing is that no matter how much pair of shoes, denims, earrings or tops a girl has, she is never satisfied with them, and every time she lands up at home with something new. A girl’s favorite time pass is to shop, shop, and shop. But, what if you can come up with something creative and classy in that free time? It will not only pass your time, but add new and classy stuff into your collection.

Earrings are a part of accessory that is almost uncountable in a girl’s vanity. A girl has everything from danglers to studs, in every possible color. Today, I am going to tell you that how can you make pretty and cute earrings at your home, in few easy steps. Let’s begin the unstoppable journey of creativity.



Materials Required

  • Paper quilling tool (you can get it easily from a stationary shop)
  • Paper strips
  • Glue
  • Earring hook
  • Round loop



Take a paper strip and cut it in half. (About 8-10 cm)

We require paper strips in two colors- one in lighter shade while other in darker, to make earring look brighter. Now, as you have cut paper into the desired size, start rolling it over the quilling tool and stick its end with glue.



After you have rolled on the lighter shade paper around the quilling tool, roll over darker shade around the same quilling tool and stick it with glue.



Now, press the end of the darker shade coil, and give it a petal kind of shape. Repeat the process and make 8 such kind of petals.



Now, take any two petals out of eight, and insert a round loop in the upper end of the petal. Insert earring loops in the same lop, and press its ends.



Now, stick all the petals in a flower like form, with the help of glue. Each earring should have 4 petals. Let the whole setting to dry for at least 24 hours before using it.

Your classy and stylish earrings are ready to wear. Whoa!