DIY Make Your Own Chunky Beaded Hoop Earrings

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Summer season is still is on its peak, and so is the fashion of colourful Beaded Hoop Earrings. No doubt, Fuchsia and Turquoise beads are perfect summer colours for making these pretty earrings. You can make them even with dark-coloured beads, which will be a perfect fashion accessory for the winters. And, the best part is that these DIY earrings are fun to make and can be styled up with any attire, on any occasion.



Things Required


  • Beads

You can find different type of beads at your local bead store. The shape and size may depend on how you want your earrings to look. Here, I have taken two large focal beads to put in the middle of the hoop. I took three other varieties of beads to string on either side, symmetrically.

  • Jewellery Wire

You require 2 pieces of jewellery wire, each cut to six inches. I used Beadalon 24- gauge round wire. Make sure, you don’t use too thicker or too thinner wire.

  • A Cylindrical Template

You need a cylindrical shaped template (like a spool) to bend the wire in a circular shape. The finished diameter of the hoop earrings is 1.5 inches, so, if you want bigger or smaller than this, use a bigger or smaller template.

  • One pair of ear wires.
  • Jewellery-making Tools

Wire cutter, flat nose pliers and round nose pliers.

How to Make

1.  Wrap one piece of wire around the spool in order to form the hoop, so that equal amount of length sticks out of it.


2.  Now, pinch the wire together such that it gets the same amount of circumference as the spool. A little less than 1 inch of wire will be left at both the ends. When you will remove the wire from the spool, it will look as shown in the picture below, with two kinks on both the sides.


3.  Start threading on the beads, now. Gently straighten one of the kinks in order to let the beads to thread on. If you want to use a focal bead in the mid, thread it on first.


4.  Thread on the small beads on one side of the focal bead, till enough beads reach the kink. 

5.  Again repeat the same pattern on the other side of the hoop, doing it the same way by straightening out the kink in order to thread on the beads. After threading all the beads, it will look like as shown in the image below. Now, get your pliers ready to wrap the left-over wires.


6.  Now, grasp both the strands of the wire with the round nose pliers.


7.  Bend both the wires at 90 degrees by twisting your wrist to one side.


8.  With the help of your fingers, grab both the ends of the wires, and loop it around the top of the round-nose pliers.


9.   Now, wrap the wire under the round-nose pliers, and then, remove the pliers from the loop, while inserting only the bottom point of the pliers into the loop.


10.  Wrap the ends of the wire around the base of the loop, in order to make the loop secure. While still having the round-nose pliers in the loop, grasp both the ends of the wire as shown in step 9.


11.  Now, wrap the wire around the base of the loop, and make sure that there should be a teeny length of vertical wire left at the base of the loop, where you earlier formed the kinks.


12.  Keep wrapping the wire until it appears as shown in the below picture.


13.  Now you are left with a very short length of the ends of the wire.


14.  Use the cutters to cut off the ends exactly close to the base of the loop. Make sure you are not snipping anything else.


15.  Now, flatten and tuck those wire ends by using your flat-nose pliers so that there is no pointy end sticking out of the earring.


16.  Use the flat-nose pliers also to neaten up the loops.


17.  Now, take your earring wires. In the picture below, on the left is a closed wire. You can easily open the loop to slide on the finished piece. Using your flat-nose pliers, slide open the loop like you would open a jump ring.


Finish it by repeating the same process for the second earring.


You can also make a pendant. For that, you just need to thread a chain through the loop, instead of using earwires.