DIY: Make Almond Kajal (Kohl) at Home

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Every woman and girl love to adorn her eyes with kajal, whether they are at home or stepping out. Kohl (Kajal) is one of the necessary makeup stuffs, which is found in every girl’s vanity. And, the trend has not started from today, but it has been continuing since generation. Our mothers and grandmothers used to apply kajal around their eyes. I totally agree with the fact that it adds million dollars to your overall appearance.



Kohl has been used not just to adorn eyes, but it has got a lot of other benefits as well. It is said that applying Kohl at night before going to the bed gives your eyes a cooling effect. Besides, it also removes any excess dirt and impurities from eyes. Today, I am going to tell you that how can you make Kohl at home that is absolutely reliable and safe for your eyes in comparison to OTC (over the counter) products that are really harmful.


Items Required

  • Almonds
  • Compass
  • Two bowls of equal size
  • A steel plate
  • A container, preferably small, to store Kohl
  • A drop of clarified butter (ghee) or almond oil


Step #1- Take an almond and pin the compass to its centre. Be gentle and careful while performing this step, as you should not break the almond while doing the step.


Step #2- Now, take two bowls of equal size and invert them. Inverted bowls will act as a stand. Now, place the long steel plate over the bowls. Place bowls close enough, so that, the plate doesn’t fall down.

Step #3- Now, take the compass, whose one end is inserted in the almond. Roll a piece of cloth at the end of the compass; otherwise, you could end up blazing your hand while burning the almond, as steel is a good conductor of heat. Then, light the stove and start burning the almond. Almonds have oils of their own, which helps them to burn. You have to hold the almond between the bowls and below the plate.


Step #4- A single almond will burn for around 3 minutes. As the almond stops burning, throw it and do the same for other almonds (you can take almonds according to the quantity of Kohl that is required). Now, as almonds burn, you can see an ashy layer getting accumulated at the bottom of the plate. This ashy layer is actually formed by almond oils. It is nothing, but Kohl.


Step #5- Now, as whole of the ash gets accumulated at the bottom of the plate, you can remove it by scratching with a knife or spoon. Gather it on a piece of paper first or plate and then, transfer it to the container.



Step #6 – As you transfer it to the container, add a drop of Ghee into the container and mix it well.



So, you are ready to apply the instant, real and effective Kohl that will add to your luscious eyes. In my upcoming articles, I will share you the secrets to prevent your Kohl from smudging.

Stay Tuned!