DIY Hanging Hearts Made of Used Toilet Paper Roll


Your house says a lot about your taste. The things, you buy to decorate and beautify it, illustrate your personal choices and preferences. While many of us hit expensive stores to buy interior items (forget complete consumer satisfaction at that), wouldn’t it be great to create your own signature pieces to give your living space a warm personal touch? Not only do they burn a whole in your pocket, they fail to express your individual style. Add to that the environmental harm that plastic, fiber and glass cause.

Therefore, today we will give you a tutorial on how to create a beautiful wall hangings from a toilet paper roll. And since we have always believed in spreading love, we will do so through splendid little red hearts.



Things You will Need

  • Toilet paper (cardboard)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Red paint
  • A paint brush
  • Needle and thread


1.  Take the hard side of the toilet paper roll and cut it like you would cut slices.


2.   Now, bend these cut out pieces in the shape of hearts. Invert one side by pushing against it and keep the opposite end pointy.


3.   Dip your brush in red paint and color the brown hearts in red (both the lining as well as from the outside and inside).


4.   Take a thread and string a needle in it. Now, fasten a knot at one of its ends. Now suspend a needle through each of the hearts such that the thread passes through them (make sure it passes from the centre).

5.   Repeat the process for every heart that you have made.


6.   You can now hang these beautiful little red hearts wherever you want to. You can dangle them by your window in a bunch, make a little tree like hanging across a wall or tie them individually across your house.

Isn’t this DIY an incredible idea to do up your home in a unique way (and meanwhile, save quite a lot of money). All you require is a bit of creativity and some spare items, and you are good to go. Happy home making, ladies!