DIY Hair Do: Curl Your Hair Using a Pencil

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Let’s curl your hair with a pencil, an amazing DIY hair curling Idea !


Did you ever think that a pencil will create curls for you? Read on to find out how:

We have two DIY’s for you: one is without using heat, and other is with using heat. You can try any of them you wish too.

1.  Using Heat

Things required

  • A pencil
  • Straightening iron (optional)
  • Styling spray

How to:

  • Divide your hair into portions.

girl-make-curl-with using heat

  • Take a small section of hair. Twist it around the pencil.


  • If you want a more prominent look, take your straightening rod and iron the hair that is twisted around the pencil.
  • Unfold the hair from the pencil.


  • Repeat the process, until the lower section of the hair is curled.
  • At last, use a hairspray to keep the waves long.


2. Without Using Heat

  • Tightly wrap your hair around the pencil.


  • Wait for five minutes. The more you wait the better the curls you will have.

girl-make-curl-without- using-heat2

  • When you lose patience, leave the pencil. If the pencil gets stuck in between and the curls get messy, warp the curls around your fingers and style with a hairspray.


Your curls are ready.

Happy styling gals!