DIY Hair Accessories

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Give your hair a totally new set of accessories, and embark on an unprecedented journey of charm, lure and magic. What’s more? Well, you can make these pretty things all by yourself, what you need are some ingredients (just like your favorite meal). Enough pleasing your tummy, girls; it’s time you re-did that wonderful mane too.



We all love flowers. And there’s nothing in the whole wide world that can beat the beauty and gorgeousness of a fresh flower. Though we heart the good old gajra, we’d like you to tuck in a beautiful flower or two from your very own garden. Make use of a simple black hair pin to hold the flower in place. We assure your tresses will be more than just thankful.

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Reinvent your dull looking hair comb. Pick a small comb with slightly sharp edges (so that it stays in your hair for good) and stick a few studs at the end. You can wear it as a statement accessory. Your locks will not need further styling, we guarantee.


Enough wearing gold chains around the neck. The poor things want you to make use of them in a new way, fresh way, never-seen-before way. Make use of chains to highlight your tresses, or even better, tuck them around your messy or neat bun (any which way you prefer). Make use of small black pins to ensure that your accessory stays where you intend it to be.


Create head bands and pins using felt leather or fabric. Make bows, flowers, or any cute shape you’d like (stars, animals, hearts etc).


One thing that almost always stands out is shimmer (shine and sequins). Make a huge bow of hundreds of sequins, and wear it on top of your pony.

Added tip: Since you’re all decked up at the mane, keep the rest of your outfit in monochrome hues.


Pick a plumbing leftover at your place and use it as a band. Try your luck and see if you spot the one that can be easily opened and closed so that it gets easier for you to wear it around your tied up tresses. We love the chic, classy way this hair-do has been done.


Wear a single string around your head, and for a better look, tie your hair in a bun. You can make use of your bag’s loop, a leftover chain piece, etc.


And here are a few more ways to make your mane get all the attention, which it so rightly deserves.