DIY Gorgeous Key Neckpiece

This DIY is like a dream come true. Not only it is highly creative and trendy, it is extremely easy to carry out too. It enables you to make chic jewelry out of old keys, and is super duper easy on your pocket- we know you’re already excited about this one- so let’s get started!


Things You Will Need


  • A few keys of different sizes
  • Nail paints in various colors
  • Some chains


  • Pick your keys and paint them in different colors. You can use one color for an entire key, or you can color block a single key, using your favorite hues (paint the key in sections using contrasts).


  • Now allow your keys to dry.
  • Wear them in separate chains or flaunt them all together in one single chain. Mix, match, and layer according to your taste and choice!


You are ready to show off your unique and bang on trend neckpiece amongst your friends. After all, creativity knows no limits!