DIY: Give Your Canvas Shoes a New Avatar

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Whoa! Now your plain and ugly looking canvas shoes can look chic and modish as never before. Now, with few easy steps, you can transform and personalize, and give your canvas shoes a whole new avatar. Moreover, painting over your ratty shoes can hide all the holes and stains in them. You can even play with newly purchased ones. All you need to do is keep in mind the design and the graphics you want to create on them while buying shoes. Preferably, go for white as it serves the best and flexible base for any transformations.  Play with different and loads of colours to bring out the best. And since rainbow is the colour of the season, do not hesitate at all in experimenting with colours.

Here, we are presenting before you the easiest method with cheapest and easily available supplies in the market, to change the avatar of your canvas shoes.

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  1. A pair of canvas shoes
  2. Gesso/white fabric paint
  3. Stationeries (pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, etc.)
  4. Paint marker
  5. Acrylic colours
  6. Silicone spray to fix colours

Step #1:

Once you have gathered the supplies, you can start working on your shoes. The very first step involves quoting your canvas shoes with gesso, to make a base for acrylic colours and other stuff. It is a mandatory and crucial step. So, do not avoid it as it is the foundation for the rest of your work. If you are not able to find gesso, you can go for plain white fabric paint. It works just the same as the gesso itself.


Step #2:

Next step is to take a sharp pencil from your stationary, and start drafting the required design and graphics on the shoes. You can incorporate so many designs from comics, nature, or some portrait as well.  We are showing you a template below:


Now, as you are done with the drafting part, take rest for a while as the next step involves your creativity and accuracy. Yes! You guessed it right. We got to paint on our canvas shoes, and it is a very skilful and creative step in the making.

Step #3:

As you start playing with paints on your shoes, it is advisable to paint like acrylic colours first as acrylic colours dry out very quickly. So, to avoid dryness and retain colours for next usage, colour all the like colours first. And you have to be a little patient as this step takes few hours to get completed. Don’t work on things in a hurry as it may cause damage to your design and shoes as well.


Step #4:

Let paint to get dried up completely. You can enjoy a sip of coke and popcorn till then. As your paint is dried, you can line your painting and objects with paint marker, to give your drawing even more definition and highlight. They will certainly look fabulous with paint marker. They will look something like this:


Step #5:

The last step involved is spraying your shoes with silicone spray that will smell terrible while spraying, but will leave a lasting sheen on your shoes. Remember, this is also a crucial step as Silicone spray will make your shoes water proof, and retain the colour intact.

So, your modish, glamorous, and whimsical canvas shoes in a whole new avatar are ready to flaunt.

Show them off!

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