DIY: Get a Chic Bag from Waste that Beats LV’s and Gucci’s

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Creativity is something that is more than just being creative. It is all about making the simple things awesomely simple and stunning. Each person is creative in some field or the other. All that one need to do is keep the brain on the go to take out, and make the most out of something.

Today, we have come up with another creative and exciting DIY project, and this time we are going to work with pop tabs that we throw away without even bothering that they also can add to our fashion statements. So, let’s pack our bags and get indulge into the creative journey of making a chainmaille, which can be used to make a funky wrist band, or a classy hand-bag that is going to beat those steep LV’s and Gucci’s.

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Step#1- Assemble All the Supplies

As you know that we are making a chainmaille with pop tabs, we require loads and loads of them. Collect lots of pop tabs from your side as well, asking your mates, colleagues to give them to you.

List of supplies that you need:


  1. Cutters
  2.  Staple removers
  3. Old key
  4. Lots of pop tabs (at least have 1000 in your kitty to start with).

Step#2- Prepare the Tabs

This step is quite crucial, as in this step, you have to prepare your tabs for weaving. Don’t panic, because we are going to tell you these steps as simply as possible.

a. Bend the collar from the top side of the tab, and bend it with the help of tumbler side of the key.




b. Then use the back side of the key to bend it further


And it will look something like this, after completing the above steps:


Step#3- It’s Time to Cut the Tab




Now, as you have flattened the tabs, you need to cut and crimp them. Remember to cut the tab from the middle part of the pull part of the tab, so that when we connect the tabs together, the connection is strong.

Step#4- Create a Bend in the Tab






Pop tabs need to be bent a little so that they lay properly. And for bending them, we require a staple remover. Put the cut side of the tab, which we did in the last step first, and press the staple remover down, so that it bends that side of the tab.

Step#5- Repeat


Whatever you have done from the first step to now, repeat it with all the tabs so that you have all of them in place, to proceed further to assemble them, and convert them into classy and exquisite pieces.

Step#6- Weave

Now, as we have lots of tabs ready, it is time to weave them together. Here are the easy steps on how to weave them together:

a. Hold one tab from the back while holding the other tab with other free hand.


b. Push the back of the second tab carefully through the cut of the first tab.


c. As the two tabs are connected, do the same for another tab, but on the opposite side.


Step#7- Continue to Weave


Keep on weaving the tabs together unless you reach the desired size. While weaving, remember the diamond geometry that one piece is connected to not more than three other pieces. As your swatch gets bigger, it will be easier for you to weave it.

Step#8- Finally


So, finally we have all the pieces ready with us. And now we can mold it and transform into the desired stuff- a funky bracelet or a chic clutch, depending upon the need.

Here’s what you can create:


So, don’t wait for a single moment. Just start collecting these pop tabs, and apply your creativity and brains, and just see what magic you are going to create.

All the Best!