DIY Face Masks You Can Easily Make At Home – Guide 2020

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Nowadays, coronavirus is spread all over the world. We use face masks and take other precautions to slow the process of coronavirus. In this situation, DIY face masks you can make at home easily. Face masks are also used in hospitals or operation theaters to protect yourself from any bacterial infection. Professional and health experts have strictly ordered that stay-at-home also follow other’s instructions and tips. A medical face mask is made by those companies that have a physician’s license.

A company provides you with the best quality face mask at a meager price, such as a surgical face mask. The surgical face mask has three layers and is typically flat with straps. It helps you to prevent your mouth and nose from different viruses and germs. Here we listed down 8 DIY face masks for more information read on.

DIY Face Masks You Can Easily Make At Home

1- Non- medical face mask

You can make this face mask quickly at home; simply follow the steps to create the perfect DIY face mask at home.

Where to buy non-medical face masks in Canada

  • To make a non-medical face mask, we need three items that are square cotton clothes 20″ x 20″, Coffee filter and rubber bands.
  • First take the coffee filter and cut them from the bottom
  • After cutting, simply fold the filter paper in a rectangular shape.
  • Now place the screen in the center of the cloth and fold both long ends of the fabric.
  • Now attached the rubber bands to both ends of the mask.
  • Your home base DIY mask is ready.

 2- Olson mask pattern

This mask is used as a replica or surgical and N95 masks. When these both masks are not available in the market, then you can easily make this DIY mask.

  • Simply take ¼ yard tightly woven cloth fabric
  • Two hair tie elastics are also needed
  • Cut the cloth in mouth shape, face shape, or cheek shape.
  • Then cut the fabric in one more different face shape or cheek shape.
  • Attached the opposite longest straight edges of the cheeks shape.
  • Than press the straight edge on the other side of the mouthpiece.
  • Simply sew the curved edges and two right face pieces.
  • As the same method sew the mouthpieces
  • Take both cheek pieces and the face piece place in front of you
  • Then take the one cheekpiece and stitch with the right edge of the mouthpiece
  • Take other part and sew with the left corner of the mouthpiece
  • Fold the piece together again towards the center and pinned up
  • Straight the edges and pin them
  • Fold Cheeks edge 4 times and pinned them
  • Now carefully remove the pin or sew the corners only left the one openings of the cheekpiece
  • Take hair elastic rubber and attached with edges
  • Now sew the openings also.

3- Simple fabric face mask

Here we show you a very simple and easy homemade face mask. To make this mask, you need three items that are ¼ yd. outer fabric, ¼ inner structure, or ¼” elastic.

  • For making a comfortable face mask, you can use pattern piece for cutting
  • Cut the cloth into two parts and stitch these pieces together
  • Attach the elastic and sew the right sides together
  • This is a very easy DIY face mask you can use when going outside of the house.

4- Bias tape surgical face mask

You know about the surgical face mask, and here we teach you how to make it at home.

  • You need these items to make DIY bias tape surgical face masks that are cotton cloth, sewing machine, floral wire available at Amazon, Scissors or cutter, sewing needles, and bias tape.
  • First cut the cloth in three same size piece in a rectangular shape
  • Than place the one piece on the center of another piece
  • Place the last piece on the bottom of the second piece.
  • After that, sew them from the edges.
  • Turn the face mask right side and press them for making flat.
  • Than folding the mask in half and used iron again to press it.
  • Fold the edges towards the center and then press them also.
  • Simply open the bias tape and fold them backward then sew the edges in the straight line.
  • Make sure you stitch from the back and turn the corner side out.
  • Place the filter to the backside of the mask.
  • You can find the center of the bias tape and placed them exactly in the center
  • It is a crucial part of the face mask
  • Your exact measurement, you can use your fingers and another side to sew the bias tape.
  • Fold your mask ½” towards downwards and press them.
  • You can get sure that all trunks were folding in the same direction
  • 3/8th inches sew the edges to make the nose area comfortable.
  • Attach the rubber stapes from the edges and wear the mask.

 5- Another DIY face mask pattern

Here we mentioned the pattern of the simple homemade face mask pattern. To make it, you just need three items, such as cotton fabric, ¼” elastic piece, and chenille stem.

  • Cut two pieces of elastic, (each side 7 inches).
  • Take two pieces of cloth to make one mask
  • You can place the fabric on the right side and start swinging.
  • Make sure; you can stitch about halfway on each side. Using the technique was ¼” to ⅜.”
  •  Before sewing, the edges attach the elastic and then start sewing again.
  • Attached the elastic one corner to another corner of the mask in the same manner.
  • After that, you would make a casing for the chenille stem. Just place the mask in the center and make the casing.
  • Make sure that the casing is made in the center of the top of the face mask. On the side, make three plates and pinned up. Make sure stitched all over the mask or plates properly.

 6- Simple + Easy DIY face mask

If a surgical mask is not available, then you can make a DIY face mask at home by following these steps.

  • You can need these items to make the DIY face mask that was Scissors, ruler Cotton cloth, Needle, Thread, and two elastic strings.
  • Cut the two pieces of clothes into the same size. Remember that the measurements (length is 10 inches and 6 inches wide) to make the perfect DIY face mask
  • Now place both clothes on each other and pinned them
  • Remove the pins carefully and fold the long side of the mask over¼ inches or stitch them. Do this same step with the other side.
  • Take short sides of the mask and fold them over ½ inches, then sew them, only on the left short edges of the mask.
  • Now pass out the elastic strips from the one corner to another corner in the same manner.
  • You just tie each stipend to the other end.
  • Stitch the short ends; also, due to this, the mask cannot slip.

7- Designed face mask 

If you are tired of wearing a simple face mask and want stylish face mask, then you can make it at home by following these steps

  • You need these items to make the face mask that was scissor, ruler pins or needles, sewing machine, thread, and iron.
  • Take two different colors of cloth that were 12-inch long and 7.5 inches wide.
  • Use good quality, breathable, and lightweight cotton.
  • Take fourteen inches of ⅛ inches flat elastic to make a comfortable and stretchable face mask.
  • Cut the clothes into two cotton pieces and mark the stitch lines.
  • Use white paper to draw the pattern on the cloth, such as merely placing white paper on the clothes and pinned them or draw designs on it.
  • Cut the elastic into two pieces (7 inches for each side)
  • Fold your cloth half inside and stitch the white darts inside easily
  • Fold your long side ½ inch or short side ¾ inches and stitch them only on the short edges of the mask.
  • After that, with sewing machines make zigzag lines on the top and bottom of the mask.
  • Now pass the elastic through the tunnel, from both sides separately and stitched or tie the elastic.
  • Your DIY homemade designer mask was ready to wear

8- Face mask with filter pocket

If you want to prepare the best DIY mask at home with filter paper, then follow these steps.

  • Prepare 6 inches square fabric, and this is for the filter pocket
  • Use 6 inches cotton fabric because it is comfortable than other fabrics
  • Fold the cloth about ¼ inch and iron the fabric Repeat this step for the other side and pinned up
  • Remove the pin carefully from both sides and sew them
  • Put this aside and prepare another cotton fabric; we need two pieces.
  • The size is 10 x 7 inch for adults or 7x 5 inch for kids.
  • Draw a diagonal line on every corner then cut the cloth
  • Take the fabric you prepare for filter pocket and place in the center of the cloth pieces
  • After that, pined the fabric. As you know, the fabric and filter paper are not at the same length; you will join the filter paper with the bottom of the cloth and sew the part.
  • Cut every corner and turn the fabric inside out.
  • Take a pen and push every corner of the fabric, this will give you a pleasant and beautiful look
  • Then, iron the fabric again. After that fold the fabric about 1.5 inches or 1 inch for kids and again iron the fabric 
  • Again fold ¾ inch, ½ inch for kids and sew the fabric, it will hold all the layers at once
  • Repeat this same step to another side of the fabric
  • Pull the filter pocket, because I want to see the sides without seeing the filter pocket
  • Take an elastic band; you can use any size according to your face size
  • The last step is to insert an elastic band with the safety pin; just slide it through the loop.
  • If you have loop turner, it will be easier to put the elastic band inside and pull the elastic band and sew the elastic band
  • Slide elastic band to hide the raw edges and wear the mask


After the research and survey, this authentic information will help you in shaping your decision that which masks suit your skin. All the methods are explained in detail. We wish you enjoy the benefit of these masks, without damaging your skin. These are the real value of money, so invest your money wisely so, do not waste time and select one that you needed according to your budget.