DIY Colourful Stud Button Earrings

Yes, girls love wearing small stud earrings! Not because it gives a simple and casual look, but it also goes with every outfit, be it just jeans and t-shirt or even a pretty traditional dress. It’s also true that we get bored wearing the same studs for more than one or two times with the same outfit. But, it doesn’t mean that you can get these tiny-looking earrings just by spending a few pennies. Whenever you buy a new outfit, you need to loosen up your pockets to buy a matching pair of chic stud earrings, every time


So, instead of collecting a lot of button earrings at such high cost, you can even try out to make them yourself at home. You just have to buy the material, needed to make these trendy earrings.

Here are simple and easy steps to make your own stud button earrings.



Things Needed


1.  Pieces of Fabric: Your local fabric store is the exact place to go. Here, you can get a variety of fabrics of different colours and patterns to make studs, as you can go for both ethnic or floral print, and even plain-coloured fabric. You can get the fabrics displayed as samples at the store. Sometimes, you may find the best among the left-over pieces of fabric. Buy a bulk of pieces, so that, you have a lot in hand to try.

2.   Craft Cover Button Kit: These kits come in different sizes. I chose the size 36.

 3.   Ear Posts and Backs

4.   Hot Glue Gun

  5.   Scissors

6.   A Marker or Pen

Easy Steps to Make Your Own Studs

Step 1- Follow the directions given at the back of the Craft Button Kit, and use the template or model in order to draw a circle on the fabric. Ensure that you use a specific and definite pattern, as you have to focus that the middle part of the circle comes in the centre, which you need to show on the front of the earring.


Step 2- Cut the circle.

Step 3- Put the button shell on the centre top of the fabric piece, and both should face downwards.

Step 4- Now, tuck the remaining fabric in the shell tightly, contouring it to the shape of the button while giving its top a smooth look, without any bumps on it.


Step 5- Put a plain back on the tucked fabric, and press it with the ‘pusher’, provided in the Craft Button Kit. You need to push it until you hear a shatter, and make sure that each side of the plain back is firmly at its place.


Step 6- Stick an earring backing using a glue gun, to the back of the button.

How much does it cost?

The fabric, you use, may not cost you so much, even if, you buy from the samples or the left-over pieces. You can find a Craft Button Kit at reasonable prices, depending upon their size, while other materials needed are a part of your basic starter kit.