DIY Chic Wall Hanging Made of Toilet Paper Roll


Who’d have known that the toilet paper roll has many uses (apart from the very obvious one)? It helps you create extraordinary art for your house- beautiful DIY’s that you can make within no time, without spending much money and with considerable ease. In this space, we will help you make a gorgeous wall art hanging that you can hang anywhere in your house (we decided to put it by the bed as we can admire it from there, right before we head off to sleep and even in the morning). So now, you don’t need to spend thousands on an abstract expensive painting. Just let your imagination flow and nurture the artist in you.


Things You Will Need


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • A cardboard spread for a base
  • A few white sheets (depending on the size of your cardboard)
  • A paint of your liking (we used white) and a paintbrush.


1. Take a few toilet paper rolls. Cut them into little strips- all in the same measurement.


2. Assemble the strips in such a way that four pieces make a flower.


3. Glue the joints together.

4. Now take the cardboard canvas and stick the white sheet on it (if you find a ready made white canvas in your local craft shop, you do not need to glue the white sheet on it. You can even use a different colored base and work contrast with the flowers).

5. Arrange these flowers in any pattern of your choice.


6. Neatly stick this arrangement to your canvas base.

7. Now paint them in a color of your liking. Since we wanted something very simple, we opted for white. However, you can do it in bright, fun colors.


8. Once the paint has dried off, and you are sure that the flowers won’t come off (use strong glue for sticking the flowers. You wouldn’t want them to fall off at a later stage). Hang it on your favorite wall.


Isn’t this a really simple and pocket friendly DIY for your beautiful home? It gets over in no time and impressively fills up the barren walls. Recycling was never so much fun!