DIY Bling Party Clutch

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If you love bling, crystals and anything that is larger than life, you, my girls, are at the right place. The ‘totally in trend’ but ‘burning a hole in your pocket’ kind of bags can now be crossed away from your wish list because you are just about to create one on your own- and of course, at an amazingly moderate rate. Trust us, when we say that this clutch will be your party companion once you complete it. And it isn’t a hell lot of hard work too. Can anything get this good? We say negative!


Get ready to know about how you can make this perfect arm candy!


Things You will Need-


  • A small sized zip clutch
  • Chandelier crystals (9 in number- we chose 3.25 inches prism crystals)
  • Some preset rhinestones
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • Super glue
  • Strong tape
  • A toothpick
  • 1 small plastic container

Pick your plastic container. Pour Mod Podge into it. Now add glitter in the exact amount to the container. We’ve used a ratio of 1:1. When you mix Mod Podge and glitter, you prevent glitter from flaking off and falling.


Mix the two things well. In case you only want to work on the front side, and wish to keep the back of your clutch plain, use the tape on all the corners and along the border, so that it remains protected and does not get affected.


Generously apply glitter on the front side (only one layer first). After the first layer has completely dried off, help yourself to a second layer.


Now, wait for the Mod Podge to dry. After you are sure that the application has completely dried out, begin to apply the crystals. There are two ways of doing this- If you are comfortable applying the glue directly on the reverse of the chandelier crystals, go ahead. If not, use a toothpick for a more precised application.


Now arrange your crystals in a row, making them appear like they are fanning out from the middle. Apply the larger crystals over the pattern you have created.


If you wish to add any additional ornaments, you can do so. Make sure you allow your clutch to dry for a considerable period of time- 24 hours would suffice.


Isn’t your new clutch absolutely gorgeous and attractive! Waiting for that next party invitation already, aren’t you?


P.s. – Your new clutch is inspired by Mawi’s collection of beautifully embellished clutches. And we totally love our very own personalized crystal party clutch! Will we ever be able to get enough of it? That’s a doubt that continues to lurk! Wink