DIY: 11 Steps to Make a Trendy Sailor Collar at Home

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Sailor collars, these days are one of the trendiest and sophisticated collars that go with almost every outfit. And, with few easiest and simplest steps we are going to teach you that how to make this trendy pattern at home in a very little time.

Step #1- Decide the Neckline


The foremost step in making the sailor collar is to decide the neckline that you want. In this tutorial, we have chosen the basic scoop-neckline.

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Step #2- Drawing


Trace your desired neckline onto your pattern piece.

Step#3- Drawing out the Sailor Collar Shape


Starting from the center of the neckline, draw out a rough shape of the collar. And remember that, width of the collar should be half the width of your shoulder size, as pattern piece is folded; so we will work on the concept of halves.

There is no fixed length for collar, but averagely bottom of the collar should fall between the bottoms of the shoulder blades and the centre of your back.

Step #4- Edges


Use a ruler and clean up all the rough edges of your drawn pattern shape.

Step#5- Cut it out


It’s time to cut out your pattern piece. Even if you have forgotten to add seam allowance in the patter, do not panic and you can add it later in the fabric directly while cutting it.

Step#6-Cut out your Fabric


Place your collar pattern on the fabric such that you line the center back with the folded fabric and cut out the two collar pieces.

Step#7-Sew the Collar Pieces


Now, it is time to sew both the collar pieces together. While stitching the collars, make sure that the sides that you want to be visible are facing inward or each other; and the sides that should not be visible are facing outwards. And, most importantly, stitch only the outside edge of the collar and do not stitch the neckline.

After stitching, turn the collar inside-out.

Step#8- Clip the Corners and the Curves


When, you turn the collar inside-out, you want it to be flat and nice. For that you need to clip both corners and curves near the front of the collar. Remember, not to clip along the original stitch line.

Step#9- Carefully Turn your Collar Inside-out


Once you have turned the piece inside-out, press all the edges with your hands, so that all the corners are crisp and clear.

Step#10- Ironing


Now, that you have turned your stitched collar inside-out you need to iron it to make it flat.

Step#11- Attach the Collar to the Fabric


There are many ways to attach a collar to the neckline. You may attach it with the conjugation of the neckline facing or garment lining.

So, with these 11 simple steps, you can create this trendy and chic collar at home without any hassle.

Let’s go and try it ourselves, ladies!