DIY: 10 Steps to Get Inked at Home Without Pain

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Are you very fond of getting your body inked, but afraid of those razor-sharp needles and guns? Do not panic girls, as we are here to solve your quandary. We have come up with an idea to fulfil your craving of getting inked without any pester or pain.

Today, we are going to tell you that how to get inked at home with few easy steps, in just the matter of minutes at your Bella Casa.

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Here is the list of materials that you will be requiring:

Step#1-Begin with the Imagination

It’s not the actual beginning process but yes, one of the most important steps as design of your tattoo matters the most as it is going to stay on your skin for a couple of days. If you are creative enough, think of an exceptionally creative and stand out design in your mind. If you cannot think of a creative design, do not panic and simply ‘Google’ it. You will find tons of exquisite designs.

Here are a few designs that you can think of to start with:






You can also go for the symbol of your Zodiac sign.

Step#2-Drawing the Design


For drawing the design, use a gel pen and that too in dark colour. The reason behind using a gel pen is that the ink from the gel pen on paper will get transferred to your skin quite easily and swiftly. Firstly, you need to draw the desired design on tracing paper or parchment paper with a pencil, and then fill it up with a gel pen. Make sure that you do not over use the ink of the gel pen.

Step#3- Decide the Placement of Tattoo


Next is to decide exactly where you want to place the tattoo. We would suggest placing it at such a place on your body where you can apply it effortlessly; else you will require a friend to help you.

Step#4- Clean the Desired Area of Tattoo Placement Thoroughly with a Cleanser.

Step#5-Damp a Piece of Cloth in Water


Now, get ready to start the crucial step of placing the tattoo onto your skin. For that, you need to first wet a clean cloth in warm water.

Step#6-Placement of Tattoo


Place the tattoo very carefully and gently onto the desired area of your body, and press it with wet cloth. Press it for at least 30 minutes so that tattoo design gets enough time to get transferred onto your skin.

Step#7-Peeling off


You have to start peeling off from the corner of the paper. But as you remove the corner, see whether the whole design is transferred or not. If not, leave the wet warm cloth over the design for few more seconds.

Step#8- As the Design is Transferred Completely, You Can Remove the Paper- Starting from the Corner.


Step#9- Drying

Now, as you have removed the paper from your body you have to let the design dry in air. Make sure that you do not touch it with your clothes or rest of your body parts.

Step#10- Flaunt It with Your Newly Inked Body

Now, as each step is over, you are good to flaunt your new tattoo and newly inked body amongst your amigos or even a party. Though it will not last long, but you can repeat the whole process again for another tattoo, next time. It is extremely less time consuming and a hassle free activity.

Note: As Your Tattoo Design will come in Contact with Water, It will Begin to Vanish Quickly.

We will be back soon with more such DIY projects and creative ideas for you, to stay chic and mod forever. Till then, try out this activity.

All the best!