Direct Me to Deal with My ‘Naughty’ Child

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Don’t expect children to be calm, obedient and quiet all the time. Never! In fact, it is nice when a child is a little noisy, impish and full of questions and ideas. But, some children are very mischievous, completely uncontrollable. They’re disruptive, wild, demand a lot and hard to handle and. It is unquestionably a headache to manage loud and wild children. They do all types of devilish acts to gather the attention and they are okay with such negative attention.

However, as a parent of a mischievous, roguish child, what you can do to your best is to teach him/her to direct his energies towards a constructive work, be considerate to what others say and develop self-control. Here I discuss some of the best tips with you to handle your overactive child.


  • Develop a plan of the complete day for your kid and explain him wisely what is he/she is supposed to do.
  • Provide a full attention to your child and constantly tell him that he is dear to you.
  • Give the warning first when your child misbehaves. If he still doesn’t listen to you, pledge him a treat/chocolate on behaving well.
  • Always reward him when he does what he is told to do. By doing this, you’ll notice he will gradually start listening and obeying to you.
  • If you take the child for a jaunt or outing, warn him against misbehavior and forfeiting his treat on misbehaving.
  • If he continues to display bad behavior when you take him out, then immediately bring the child back home.
  • Don’t let you and others label your child as a terror or brat.
  • Depict your positive attitude towards your child.
  • Seek the help of your friends and family to teach discipline to your child.
  • Tell school teachers to be more positive and patient towards the child.
  • Try to make the environment of home calm.
  • Make the child switch to other things before he gets bored to death and messed up things.
  • Don’t over stimulate your child.
  • If you discover the child getting restless, assign him a task to finish.
  • Give maximum time to the child.
  • Find the games that interest the child. If he likes swimming, then arrange swimming classes for him.
  • Discuss your child’s day with him and ask about the difficulties he faced that day.


Be patient and calm with the child, if he is notorious. Try to understand what he goes through.