Dine With Your Dream Job



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‘Dream career’ means different to different people. What does it mean to you? To some of you, it means an opportunity, challenge, work-life balance, autonomy and an ethical work culture. While for others, a healthy compensation package, having a fair and non-judgmental boss and working with people they admire. Well, my point is, you should know what exactly you are looking for? There are also such chunks of people who possess a clear vision of so called ‘dream job’. They know what they desire to do in the eight or twelve years in the future. But, some people let their years going with the same organization or career line because they do not know what exactly they intent to do. No worries, I’m with you to help you. Though there is no quick answer to ‘how to know my dream job’, following tips will definitely help you to meet your dream job.

Know What You Desire

Finding a dream job means finding ‘YOU’, finding your interest, knowing what exactly you want. “What do I want to do”, a question that you should ask yourself. Though it seems an easy question but one of the toughest questions to answer. People know what they ‘Do Not Know’ despite what they want. Knowing what you don’t want, will not help you find your dream career. The Elimination process has also been proved unfruitful. Even after going through a hundreds of ‘do not want’, you might not hit the right. Then, how to find? The only thing that helps is, knowing what you desire/want.

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Run After the Right Reason

Money should never be your trigger in finding your dream job.  Just because, you are unhappy with your current salary you choose a high paying job as your dream job. Passion should be the motivation, not money’.

Set of knowledge and Skills

Do you possess all the required skills and knowledge to succeed in your dream job? If not, how much are you ready to sacrifice to add the needed skills in your stock? Your willingness to sacrifice is tougher than finding the dream career.

Knowing Values Helps

One approach that may help you to know your dream job is by exploring your values. It works! Ask yourself what it is that you really value. List down your treasured values and then define what it is that fits the best into the listed values. Remember, what Mark Twain quoted- “Twenty years from now you would be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than the ones that you do”.