Digital Perfection: Read the Truth of Perfect Magazine Girls

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A porcelain complexion, no pores, no wrinkles, perfect hair and the toned body! Just like the magazine cover girl! Is that what you dream of?

Last night I was watching this talk show in which 4 of our bollywood faces were having a discussion on grave stuff like originality and self esteem of women. Now, THAT made me laugh for celebrities who have defied all the stuff, I’ve ever known of originality. The women who were talking about being real and celebrating oneself in their original form were not real enough to bear their wrinkles and pores on the screen.

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Even on the HD television, the 40 something looked as fresh as a teen, hidden behind the robe of makeup, recreated with surgeries and filtered to hide the diminutive of the imperfections. I remember gasping in awe whenever I saw the beyond perfection pore-less skin, the unbelievable porcelain complexion and just the right curves in the right places of the magazine cover girls, and the girls featuring in the hair and beauty product commercials.

The standards of beauty are set high enough that an ordinary girl next door can only look up to it and dream about it and never achieve it, of course! The gods of beauty hold that confident smile coz most of the people don’t even know that what they are watching is the computer altered, photoshopped version of a person as good as the commoners. Even the finest beauties, people blessed with a natural allure are retouched to achieve some unknown dominion.

The levels of the so called retouching has left me with no words and I’d rather want you to see it for yourself

What does the Photoshop do?

How They Do It?

Here’s an interactive user friendly demonstration of magazine photoshopping. Must check!!!

(Check out each altered detail… from the dreamy blue eyes to the well toned body.)

So, maybe we are better off without being the Barbie doll hybrid! Aren’t we?

I can swear that most of the girls I know (and the ones reading this) may turn out better than the worshipped beauties if only they were captured in the camera and retouched but guess what? I like you better with the lil imperfections that make you human!