Dieting or Balanced Diet: Which is Better Way to Reduce Weight?

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Diet is essentially an important aspect to reduce weight since diet regulates your calorie intake. Diet along with workout is the perfect way to lose those stubborn KGS from the targeted areas. But before discussing the proper diet, let us get into the facts about diet like what exactly your food is made up of:

Any food whether a bowl of rice or a hamburger at Mc Donald’s, is made up of macronutrients, which are the basic nutrients that your body requires. There are various types of them.



Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body, and help to build, repair, and maintain the body tissues. Milk, cheese, rice, soybean, and potato contain the incomplete quantity of protein, while eggs, meat, and fish contain proper and complete quantity of proteins. Hence, diet taken in combination of the above mentioned food is ‘protein rich diet’.

Here are the perfect examples of protein rich diet:

  • Whole wheat bread and beans
  • Whole wheat bread and cheese
  • Cereals and milk
  • Rice and beans



They are composed of sugar and starch molecules, and provide energy required by the body. They are in the easiest form of food that body can easily convert into energy on consumption. While on a weight loss diet, many dieticians cut down on a person’s carbohydrates, making the person weak and unhealthy during and after the program, which is wrong as intake of ‘bad’ carbohydrates should be prohibited.

‘Bad’ carbohydrates are in the form of refined wheat such as pastry, white bread, maida (flour), etc. Even the starchy food can be consumed, although in lesser degree, but they should never be consumed with fatty foods such as cheese, butter, or similar to products that act as flab stimulator in the body.



Now, these are the macro nutrients that contain highest amount of calories. As you work-out, more and more amount of fat is burnt. Fats are the macro nutrients that are the biggest enemies of obese people. Fats are saturated, unsaturated and poly saturated.

Saturated fats are found in eggs, poultry, and other milk products, unsaturated fats in cashew nuts, avocado oils, olive oil, while poly saturated in sunflower oil, walnuts, fish, etc. One should always try to eat less of saturated fats and more of unsaturated and poly saturated fats, to reduce weight.



Water is basically not any source of energy, but still it is one of the very basic and essential nutrients for our body because it literally keeps flushing the toxins and other stubborn materials inside the body, and acts as the biggest natural antioxidant. One should consume at least 4 litres or 16 glasses of water in a day, to purify the system of body and also to create a radiant glow on your body and face, as more the water retention in your body, more radiant your skin is going to be.

Your body also requires micronutrients that body consumes in very little quantity. They are vitamins and minerals.

Many people have misconception in their mind that dieting and skipping meals can make them lean and going to reduce weight. On the contrary, researches have proven that skipping meals and dieting can be very harmful and unhealthy for your body. In fact, skipping meals makes you put on more weight rather than losing it. You should always go for a balanced diet, where you should not eat anything and everything, but proper diet at proper time. It is the basic rule that you should not keep your stomach empty and should consume something nourishing at regular intervals.

Here is the perfect diet that science calls ‘Balanced Diet’, for you to stay healthy and fulfil your motto of reducing weight:



8:00 A.M.

Start the day with a few fruits (no bananas) and a bowl of cereals and low-fat milk. You can also have a cup of tea or coffee with milk but no sugar.

12 noon

 Have a large helping of vegetable salad containing paneer (cottage cheese), chana (chick peas) or sprouts.

2:00 P.M.

Have a soup, steamed vegetables and two chapattis.

5:00 P.M.

Eat two whole wheat biscuits with a cup of tea or coffee with milk but no sugar.

8:00 P.M.

End the day with salad, plenty of vegetables (steamed or lightly sautéed din olive oil) and two chapattis or two whole wheat bread.

 So ladies, this was the proper diet regime that you should follow to say good bye to fat, and welcome the hour glass figure. Keep on following and writing us that how useful you find this thread, to help us give you better and the best always.