Diamond Encrusted Birkin Only For a Million? Sorry, You’re late!

On the night of 29th November, Hermès not only revealed their Alice in Wonderland inspired holiday windows at their Madison Avenue boutique,but also debuted their Haute Bijouterie collection in the U.S. Pierre Hardy, the jewellery genius of the house, created a number of marvels, some of them being a brown diamond and rose gold buckle cuff and gold and diamond collier de chien bangles. But the most eye catching and jaw dropping of the lot were the small, object d’art adaptations of the Hermès bags. The Birkin, Nausicaa and Kelly styles have been minimized and redone in precious stones, gems and metals.


The Chaîne d’Ancre, a new bag imagined and designed by Hardy is definitely the most attention grabbing of the lot, considering it is made of white gold links encrusted with diamonds. It isn’t surprising to note that the three units of each pattern that were produced had a price tag that exceeded the million dollar plus range, and the Birkin and Kelly style are already a complete sell out.