Despite Strong Star Cast, Why Saraswatichandra Is Proving To Be a Flop Show?

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Ek serial ko hit karane ke liye kya kya chahiye hota hai? Yes, it is nothing, but, entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. The reason behind watching a TV show is, of course, entertainment, but, besides that, what you want are powerful, incredible star cast and a decent story line. Have you ever noticed that most of the Indian shows start on a terrifically catchy and captivating note, and gradually, the attention of viewers disappear due to recurring story again and again?


One such similar thing is happening on Star Plus’s big budgeted show by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, ‘Saraswatichandra’. The show started on a truly beautiful and appealing note, and generated substantial TRPs and viewership in its kitty, but, after a level, it has become obsolete and people have lost interest in watching it. The reasons being lack of effective on-screen relationship between lead protagonists Jennifer and Gautam, antagonist Monica Bedi does overacting in the show, and the storyline has become so predictable that even a lay man can be a better creative talent than the creative head of the show.

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People usually ignore all the factors of declining of the show, as long as the show has a strong and charming star cast. This show has both successful and handsome actor and actresses. Despite that, duo fail to make on-screen romance.  Reasons given by show makers for the same are that Jennifer is unusually fussy, and does not want to get intimate on screen with her co-star Gautam, especially after her marriage to Karan Singh Grover, who has objections with her getting intimate with other male actors on screen.


Besides the romance factor, antagonist Monica Bedi does so much of overacting in the show that it seems, as if, she is doing nautanki and nothing else. This overacting of her is pulling out people of this show.

The show is getting attention, not because of anything positive, but, because of all the negatives. Now, the makers have decided to introduce a new character close to Saraswatichandra, so that, they can show the on-screen romance of both.


Well, we would say that with such poor TRPs, they genuinely need to buck up to protect such a high budget show, if they want to keep running it for at least 2-3 years. But, looking at the present scenario, it seems as if, it will be too difficult to manage it, even for 2 months.