Decode Your Man’s Touch with Celeb PDA

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Did you know “Your man’s grasp is enormously telling”?

We figure you out some of the common Celebs PDA, to dig out where your man stands!

Loaded and Locked


If your man interlocks his fingers tightly against your palms like Ash and Abi, it means he is too much into you. Also, the strong grip means that you share a strong sexual chemistry with your couple, and things are going to be steamy behind the sheets. He promises to be a compassionate lover who is always going to stay with all your high and lows.

Easy and Loosely


The tightness of the grip depicts the level of love and feelings that he has for the moment for you! So, if he is gone a bit Easy- Bizzy, chances are there is something else going on his mind (for the moment). It could be a sexy babe on the street getting all his attention; again I say, only for the moment! Things are a bit tricky to detect but if you keep your eyes wide and opened, you will surely figure out the cause of diversion.

His is on Top


If your man covers your palm with his hand, then he is the in-charge taker of your relationship. He is the decision-maker and the boss amongst two of you. He loves to pamper you, and he would not mind to Daddy you! A tight hold also indicates that he is happy to be around you and feels much secured to be with you, like Hritik.

The Rocking Touch


If your man swings your palm in the middle of the walk, it means he is in a playful mood. You might get singles if he tickles you a bit on your palms while holding your hand. You also share an immensely strong bond with your loved one and never want to walk out of the relationship. Your man is stable, loyal, and strongly cares for your likes and dislikes, like Kate and Prince Williams.

Double Touch


Using both your hands to hook up to your loved one is a signal of intense passion and love. This kind of man loves to get dominated by their lady. The double touch shows that they are extremely possessive about their better halves. And, it would not be surprising if he gets burnt in jealousy if you get cosy with any other guy.

Hence, the signals are decoded for you. Next time when you walk down the lane, remember what he means when he walks and is in hand with you.