Decode His Bedtime Body Language

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The way your man sleeps, says a lot about him! Whether he is bossy, stressed, or stubborn in a relationship? You will know it all with my decoding guide for all the ladies!

If he sleeps with his face downwards


This kind of man can be controlled easily! They are traditionalists and want their things to be done on time. They avoid getting in fights at their workplace or with pals. In terms of love, they are lucky and prefer a simple girl in life. This man hates being dominated and taking too many suggestions from people. So, avoid suggestions! But, you can still keep dropping hints. Sudden pecks on cheeks and a hot foreplay turn them on!

If he sleeps on his back


He is an open minded person. He is energetic, fun loving, and a bit flirtatious. He is an intense lover and considers sex to be a vital part of his life. He likes to date girls who posses good curves. Also, he loves to take charge in a relationship. He is a complete foodie and a party animal. Try saying him NO ever, and you will know his obstinate nature.

If he sleeps on his side


In a relationship, this man knows how to compromise! They are quick in reacting to a situation, and they are short- tempered, though their outburst is short- lived. They are loyal in a relationship and love being pampered. Yes, they are mama’s boy! They love spending time with their friends. On the bed, they love being passionate, and long kisses turn them in no time!

If he is not constant


If your man constantly changes his position throughout the night, there are chances he is stressed in his relationship. These kinds of men do not express them to the fullest. You have to dig out their feelings at crucial situations. Try to divert his mind towards relaxation. On bed, give him a good body massage after you are done with all the goods as they believe in a quickie session.

What is your man’s bedtime story? Do tell!