Deck up your Den

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Home is where your heart is! So why leave your home looking dull and boring. Psychologists opine that it is extremely crucial to make your house a happy (shiny) place, to put it together in a way such that it calms your senses, restores mental peace and becomes exactly the place where you’d want to come back to after a long day’s work or a month long vacation. Your dwelling, your abode, your residence, or just home, sweet home, call it whatever you want to, you’ll love it just the same.

We found these pieces extremely appealing and thought of writing something about them. A few we recommend strongly (for the beauty and utility of it) while a few you can stock up gradually. And none, remember none of these are to be given an entire miss.

  • PlantsPlace two to three little coloured pots in your room and plant some greenery in. This is known to have a very soothing effect and will add up to the entire aura of your room. Also, watering the tiny saplings and seeing them grow has an underlying feeling of tranquillity that cannot be undervalued. And that occasional flower bud? Trust us; you’ll be jumping with joy each time your baby plant bears one.
    The hanging tiny pots look equally adorable. You can make them too; try out the secret, we so generously disclose here.
  • Book Cabinet– Everyone needs a small library. Their personal haven. Put in all your favourite books together, and give your nest an intelligently sophisticated feel. Ask your carpenter to carve a small wooden box for you, or hunt the local market for that dream piece. You no longer have to stash up your reserves and volumes under the bed, that’s not where they deserve to be.
  • Lamps– These ones are a personal favourite. Lamps can really light up your room and play a prominent role in prettifying the interior. The delicate, feminine ones are what we push you to buy. Both hanging and standing lamps, in various shades, textures and colours are widely available in the stores, pick yours carefully.
  • Shoe Closet– And you thought we forgot this one? No, my fair day. We share your passion for shoes and can never skip this essential. A well styled closet to keep your utterly loved belongings is an item that none can replace. Also, don’t throw this across the extreme corner of your room. Such works of genius need to be exhibited with full heartiness. And of course, we thought of giving the picture a miss, you’re smart enough to know how to flaunt your wealth!
  • Curtains and Cushions– Don’t miss the details, girls! Focussing on the big picture is good, but it’s the small things that need extra thought and time. If you’ve been doing it, all this while, we pat your back, and if not, we propose you get started! Curtains and their tie ups must not necessarily match; complete contrasts can spark up a dull room. Here, we treat you to a subtle version of the same, but don’t you hesitate to try the unconventional. Also, add lots of cushions to your bed, swing or that comfy chair. These help you sleep well and most definitely look pweety, tweety! 🙂
  • The Chair/The Swing– One piece of furniture must stand out. And it isn’t inevitably your bed. Get a chair that is both attractive and restful and makes you want to nestle in with a good book or your laptop. If space allows, adding a swing is another welcome option. This gives a very cosy and inviting feel to the room. Not to forget the added advantage of guests not getting too comfortable on your bed and instead choosing the swing. Why? Because it looks both tempting & fun!
  • Something’s for the Walls– If you have to gush over your beauty 60 times a day, get yourself a big mirror. This not only builds the illusion of a larger room but also creates more light and energy. While if you’re the easy, laidback kind, we suggest you give a chance to the hundreds of budding artists in the country, and get yourself some nice work of art. Or better still, push your creativity and personalise a wall with what is hidden inside you. Confess, shout, scream, but let your ideas be known through colours. You can even hang your pieces of jewellery to a side plain wall or get yourself a classy, stylish wall clock. Old pictures, new pictures, pictures with friends and family, all kinds of portraits can be beautifully framed to adorn the walls.
  • And the Add Ons– Get a nice flower vase for your room. Adding fresh flowers to it will enliven your mood which no fake flower will ever be able to achieve. Candles, rugs, and a decent study will also add to the overall appeal but may also risk your room appear too stuffy and done up. Since it’s your space and must reflect your identity, we recommend you to not over-do the interior; instead keep it as airy and fresh looking as possible.


  • And the Goldfish– Whoever forgot this beauty? These tiny lovelies will love to get placed beside your bed and will keenly listen to all the stories you narrate to them each night. Enthusiastic, happy companions, the goldfish duo will never let you encounter a dull moment.