Deathbed Visions: What do you See before you Die?

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Death is the biggest mystery of this world. The fear, the agony and the closing stages associated with death make it a moment we dread all our lives. It is often said that people usually come to know that they are going to die. Grief expert David Kessler tells that deathbed visions are more or less identical throughout the world.

While a loved one is dying, the person is probably dealing with a lot more than you can imagine. The initial stage holds the deadliest fears, fear of the unknown, fear of leaving the loved ones, fear of the next world. Some say that the deathbed visions are due to lack of oxygen and side effects of morphine, but I think there is lot more to say then what meets the eye.

Most people have confirmed that they are visited by deceased family members. Here, there is an incident from my friend’s grandfather

 His grandfather was on the deathbed and was totally shattered at the thought of his death. He had already sensed his death and unfortunately, the doctors too confirmed the apprehension. After a painful night, there was a sudden change in his behaviour. He was suddenly happy and content. When asked, he told that last night he was visited by his deceased wife and he forgot that he was going to meet her after all this time now. That one vision made him a lover who was going to meet his long lost love instead of an old man in his deathbed.

The visions of deathbed may sound daunting, but they are often comforting and reassuring for the person who is going to die. The state is a meeting point of the forgotten memory of death imprinted in our subconscious and the realm of the world of dead. The visions cannot be declared real, but neither can be denied.

Some interesting facts about the deathbed visions are:

  • The end-of-the-life visions, people see have noteworthy resemblance.
  • The hands of the dying fervently reaching out for some unknown power has been witnessed in many cases.
  • The visions mostly transpire towards the edges of the room.
  • Most people are visited by their mothers. It is believed that she is being the one to witness your birth, so it is most likely of her to visit before you leave the world.
  • The visions occur only to the person on the deathbed. The relatives and other loved ones cannot see them.
  • In case of accidental and unnatural deaths, the visions are not seen.