10 Curly Sew-in Hairstyles for That Black Women Love

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Weaves are a great way of changing your look and adding length and different colours or textures and curly sew in weaves, in particular, are a great way of achieving this. Using a needle and thread, hair extensions can be literally sewed into braids formed by the natural hair, this avoids the need for ‘bonding’ or glue which can damage the natural hair and cause it to break. Curly weave sew in are great if you’re looking to grow out or improve the condition of your natural hair.


Trendy Curly Hairstyles with Sew in Weave

These are the latest sew in curly hairstyles that women love.

1. Long Waterfall Curls

sew in weave with waterfall curls

Curly sew in hairstyles for women are characterised by this look; shiny, long, loose waves. Often women like to use sew-in weaves to achieve a style that would take them a long time to achieve with their natural hair, and this is certainly one that would take most people a long time both to grow out and then also to style each morning.


2. Braided Pigtails

curly sew in pigtails for girls

It is perfectly possible to braid with a sew in curly hair but it is worth talking to your stylist about how best to do this, there are also tutorials available online.

This works really well however as it makes the hair seem more natural, especially as the braids in this style show off the curly texture of the sew in. Braiding back into pigtails like this is a lovely way of showing off the length and curls of the hair extensions.


3. Mohawk with Shaved Sides

black women with short curly sew in hairstyle

So long as you have enough hair to form some braids to sew into there’s no reason that you can’t get a bit creative with clippers around the edges. This look is certainly bold and unique, creating a sort of mohawk with a curly sew in weave!


4. Tight Curls

tight curly sew in hairstyle

These tight curls do a pretty good job at emulating how some natural afro hair can look, and if you want to fool people into thinking your hair is your own then this tracks hairstyle may be the way to go. Tight curls will need a bit of daily maintenance to prevent frizzing, so investing in a good natural hair oil is a good idea, as is sleeping with a silk scarf tied over the hair.


5. Bouncy Curls

sew in weave with bouncy curls

These big bouncy curls look more like waves and look very glamorous. They’re versatile in that they can be worn with casual looks as well as office wear and for special occasions and the larger curl size means less time touching up. The loose nature of the sew in curls means you can get away with some very quick styling.


6. Curly Ponytail

There are some that will tell you that wearing a weave tied up is a big No-No, but really it’s going to depend on how the weave has been sewn in as to how it will behave when tied up.

Ask your stylist about the best way to wear your weave tied up should you need to as a good stylist will be able to show you ways to minimise the impact on the weave as well as how to get hair to lie flat and look sleek like this curly sew in ponytail style.


7. Red Curly Bob Weave

red curly sew in bob

The bob is a super popular hairstyle and looks very simple, sleek and professional. It can be dressed up or down, and curls add interest to it as a look. If you’re not into super long extensions then this could be a great way of using curly hair sew in extensions without the length.


8. Big Body Curls

These big corkscrew curls have tonnes of body. Sewing them into chunkier braids gives the curls extra lift and contributes to the body and the voluminous look of the hair.


9. Long Curly Weave Sew in

sew in hairstyle with long silver curly hair

Silver is a surprisingly hot shade for young women to dye their hair at the moment! Whether it’s the contrast between the colour associated with the elderly and a young face or just the versatility of the shade, it’s hugely popular! This is a great style with a curly sew in weave because the extensions take the flack of the bleaching and colouring and not your natural hair.


10. Exposed Side Braids

curly sew in hairstyle with side braids

It might seem counter-intuitive but leaving some of your natural hair braids on the show can be a look in its own right. Curly sew in hairstyles for women normally involve a whole head of braids, so leaving just a few exposed provide a lovely contrast between the tight braids and the wild curls.


Whether you’re looking to use a curly sew in hairdo to give your natural hair a rest period or just to achieve something that would take you a long time to achieve with your own hair then there are plenty of styles and ideas here to choose from. Picking something that suits your personality is important, but the great thing about weaves is that they do need to be changed fairly frequently so that will give you plenty of opportunities to experiment with different styles if you want to!