11 Gorgeous Curly Dreadlock Hairstyles for Women

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Having curly dreadlocks is one of the ideas that prove that dreadlocks don’t always have to be one-dimensional. Try having fun with them and you will love your hairstyle more than ever.


How to Get Dreads on Naturally Curly Hair

How to Get Dreads on Curly Hair

Decide how big you want your curly hair dreads and keep in mind that the bigger strands of hair you use, the thicker the dreadlocks will be. Optimal width of the sections is 1-2 inches. Use a comb to section your hair based on the size of the dreads that you want.

Dreads are based on two-strand twists because that is an effective method to take advantage of having naturally curly hair. That means taking one section of hair and splitting it into two pieces and then twisting those two pieces around each other. To hold the twists in place, use a bit of hair gel or hair wax.

Roll your hair between your palms into dreads. Don’t twist your hair. Instead, take a section of hair and add some gel or wax to it and then roll it between your palms. The hair will form a cylindrical shape.

As your hair grows out, continue to roll the roots of your hair into the dreads at least every three weeks using a little bit of gel. As you do that, the curly roots of your hair will join the dreads and lock into place naturally.


Following Tutorial Shows How to Do Dreadlocks on Naturally Curly Hair

Curl Your Hair Using A Pencil


How to Curl Short Dreads with Foam Rollers

How to Curl Short Dreads with Foam Rollers

Step 1: Choose the type and size of your rollers. They should be covered with satin or silk. If you use the ones where the sponge is exposed, it will tangle into your dreadlocks. Also, choose thinner rollers so that you can wrap your dreadlocks around them.

Step 2: Dampen your hair. Curl your dreadlocks after having washed your hair or simply spritz your hair with water. Your hair should be wet, but not soaking.

Step 3: Roll your dreadlocks around the rollers starting from the ends all the way to the roots. Secure the rollers either with a plastic lock if they come with one or with a bobby pin. If you have very thin dreadlocks, you can curl multiple dreadlocks around one roller, but then the curls won’t be as tight as they would if you used a roller for each individual dreadlock.

Step 4: Use as many rollers as you need and make sure that they are secured tightly against your scalp.

Step 5: Let your hair dry over the night. Make sure it’s covered with a silken bonnet or scarf. If it’s still not completely dry in the morning, leave it for another hour or two.

Step 6: Starting removing the rollers from the back of your hair. Make sure to patiently and gently remove the bobby pins first, and then the rollers as well. Style to your taste.


Watch The Following Video to Know How to Curl Short Dreads Using Sponge Rollers


How to Make Loose Dreads Tight at the Roots

How to Make Loose Dreads Tight at the Roots

The easiest way to make loose curly dreads tight at the roots is to use the technique of root rubbing. Even though it may sound confusing, it’s really simple.

Take a dreadlock and all the loose hair around it. Press it between the index finger and the middle finger of one hand tightly at the roots. Press it between the index and middle finger of the other hand right above that and start rubbing. You want to make sure that the first-hand remains steady and the grip is tight, while you do all the rubbing with the other hand.

Repeat the process on the other dreadlocks. It is advisable to use hair gel or hair wax beforehand to make the process easier. Eventually, the dreadlocks will form and lock into place.

Effective DIY Tips for Strong and Healthy Hair


Tips and Maintenance

  • To solve the problem of stray hairs, make sure your dreadlocks are tight. And to keep them tight, make sure that you wash them regularly. Always use residue-free shampoo, because other shampoos tend to leave residue behind even after you’ve rinsed them out. Residue causes a dry and itchy scalp, and even serious irritations. It also acts as a lubricant and prevents your dreadlocks from tightening and locking.
  • Speaking of lubricants – try to avoid hair gels and waxes. You shouldn’t use them more frequently than once every three weeks, except if you feel that your scalp is really dry.
  • Dreadlocks tend to pick up lint and fuzzy’s when they are clean, which can be a problem when you’re sleeping. That’s why you should consider wearing a silken or satin scarf on your head.
  • Another helpful tool for keeping the dreads separated and making them tight are rubber bands. Just make sure you don’t put them in too tight as they can then damage the dreadlocks.
  • To avoid dreadlock breakage, make sure you nourish your dreadlocks and your scalp properly. Sometimes that even means turning to healthy nutrition full of vitamins and supplements that your body needs.


Curly Dreadlock Hairstyles

We have compiled a list of curly dreadlock hairstyles for women to try this year.

1. Big High Bun

high bun with curly dreadlocks

This big bun emphasizes the true power and texture of curly dreadlocks.

Ideal for: Round and square-shaped faces.

How to style: If you have long, thin dreadlocks, you can try dampening and braiding them. You’ll have nice wavy dreadlocks in the morning. Then pick them up into this huge high bun.


2. Two Toned Dreadlocks

curly dreadlocks with bangs

A weave or a wig that you thought you didn’t have any use of can be transformed into your next favorite dreaded curly hairstyle with straight bangs.

Ideal for: Oval and heart-shaped faces.

How to style: If you have a wig or a weave that you don’t know what to do with, try dying it into a fun color combination and making dreadlocks. Try one of the curling techniques to make it even more gorgeous.


3. Natural Side-Swept Curly Dreads

Side-Swept Curly Dreadlocks

Who would know that tight, untamed afro curls can fall so elegantly down your shoulders and back after they’ve been braided into dreadlocks and curled again?

Ideal for: Oval and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Use the thinnest rollers to make the dreaded curls as tight as possible.


4. Orange Dreads with Caramel Blonde Ends

women with curly dreadlocks

Redheads know how to enjoy life. These tight, curly dreads on orange hair with a caramel blonde balayage really prove that.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to style: Use the thinnest rollers and wrap two dreads per roller. Leave the bangs loose.


5. Icy Blonde Dreadlocks

Icy Blonde Dreadlocks with Bright Purple Roots

Another great idea for a curly hair dreads with weave. Especially if the weave is icy blonde.

Ideal for: Round and heart-shaped faces.

How to style: Wrap your weave around rollers very tightly. After the curls are shaped and the weave is dry, attach the weave to your hair.


6. Colorful Short Hair

Rainbow-colored dreadlocks intertwined into gorgeous curls look just magical.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to style: Wrap your dreadlocks around rollers. Even if you don’t leave them long enough, at least the ends will be curly.


7. Dreadlocks Updo

 Curly Dreadlocks Updo with Purple Ends

Updos are a great way to deal with any type of curly dreadlocks.

Ideal for: Round and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Braid your dreadlocks and leave them braided throughout the night. After releasing the braids, pick them up into a high curly ponytail.


8. Red and Green Hairstyle

Green and purple make one of the greatest color combinations, and this curly dreads with bob is a great representation of that.

Ideal for: Oval and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Foam rollers can help you that curly texture even if your dreads are a bit thicker. Having the ends curled definitely looks more flattering than having them straight.


9. Pinup Bangs

Combining two very different styles often leads to something extraordinary. And that is clearly the case when it comes to combining curly hair dreads with a pin-up hairstyle.

Ideal for: Oval and heart-shaped faces.

How to style: Braid your thin dreadlock into braids. After you’ve released the braids, shape a high,  dreadlock updo and wrap the bangs around a roller to create this pin-up hairstyle.


10. Funky Blue Dreads

women with curly blue dreadlocks

You can’t get much more original than when you’re wearing blue, mermaid-like dreadlocks.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to style: Braid these long curly dreads as tightly as possible. After they are completely dry, release the braids and do this half-updo decorated with a bow.d


11. Long and Natural Curly Dreadlocks

Long and Natural Curly Dreadlocks

The weight of the hair will probably prevent it from shaping into tight curls, but the waves will be equally flattering.

Ideal for: Round and oval-shaped faces.

How to style: Wrap your hair around thinner rollers. Its weight will pull down the curls and leave the hair wavy.


If you follow these relatively simple steps, you can create, shape, and maintain dreadlocks as you desire. It may seem complicated, but with a little bit of patience, you will be able to enjoy your perfect curly hair dreadlock style for years to come.