DIY – How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron – Beach Waves 2020

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Everyone wants to look pretty in today’s world and frankly, none of us have enough time to make ourselves glam worthy. Our hair is an extremely important part of looking pretty.  Most of the people with dead straight hair want to have waves in them, but who has enough energy to wake up and curl your hair with a curling iron? Not to forget that curls with a curling iron look very made up and fake.

They don’t have that natural factor in them. If you work and have to go to your office at 8 am, you cannot get up at 6 to only curl your hair. For all these hair problems, we only have only one solution for you.  Beach waves! They are trendy, classy and it is very easy to make. We have made it easier and natural-looking for you, with the use of a flat iron.



Your first step should always be to spray your hair with an extremely good heat protectant spray or to use a serum that will protect your hair from the extreme heat when you are about to curl hair with straightening iron. In case of thin hair, use a spray and in case of thick hair use oil, cream, serum or lotion. It won’t only protect your hair to be damaged from the exterior, but also gives a shine to your hair before you have to curl hair with straightening iron. Do not by any chance miss this step because it ensures the health of your hair as heat ruins them.


Now that you have applied the serum to your hair to curl hair with straightening iron, now you can untangle your hair. Run a brush or a comb through them so that all the tangles are untangled and your hair is very smooth. This step is very important when you have to curl hair with straightening iron, because the flat iron tends to get stuck in your tangles making it very difficult to maneuver through. This step is especially important for those who have rough hair or curly hair that interfere a lot when you have to curl hair with straightening iron.


Now do very rough hair drying of your hair. You can use any sort of hair drier. There is no need to be perfect. This is a must step if you have just gotten out of the bath, and want to quickly get beach waves because you are running out of time. Drying would ensure absolutely no wet hair, as wet hair lead to them burning when you curl hair with straightening iron. HENCE DRY YOUR HAIR FROM ROOT TO TIP.


Now that your hair is all ready to be styled, divide them into sections. The division of sections depends on the growth of your hair. You might have a very thick hair, hence they might need to be divided into at least 5 sections, or you might have very think hair, which only have to be divided into two parts. You obviously cannot curl hair with straightening iron all at the same time. It is very important to decide the divisions because the perfect beach waves depend on it. If you have very less hair, you would have to curl way too much hair, and if you have very less divisions then the waves won’t be good at all.


Now straighten up the hairs that have been divided into sections. Make sure to heat them for 3 to 5 seconds only. As you move your flat iron downwards, move a comb along with it. This would ensure even more smoothness. Make sure you don’t leave any strand of hair because it might end up looking as the odd one out.  When you are straightening your hair, do it according to divisions, however there is no need to divide them into them again as yet.


Now divide the straightened hair into three sections only. A lower layer, a middle layer and an upper layer. Now start with the bottom layer and take a strand that is around half inches thick only. Adjust the flat iron in about half way to the layer and give one and a half turn to your iron around the hair. Now pull the flat iron downwards, maintain tension at the tip at all times.  Twist and try holding the curl for a few seconds and then let it free. Do this with all your hair and at the end spray the curls with a hair spray. This will help them stay curled for a long time. Voila! You’ve been able to curl hair with straightening iron.


In conclusion, I hope you get to have the most perfect beach waves by following these easy steps. Now you are ready to rock all your functions with easy and by saving your energy and time. I hope these steps help you achieve the level of perfection you are looking for.