Create these Very Artistic DIY Bobby Pin Earrings on Your Own

Here is one of the best DIY jewelry ideas we have come across in recent times. Read along to know more.

Ever thought of using your bobby pins as earrings! No, really, we ain’t kidding here, ladies! Allow us to introduce you to this super fun and fantastic idea that will give your bobby pins a makeover and make them do so much more than just holding your hair in place!


Things You will Need

  • A few bobby pins
  • Earring hooks
  • Nail paint
  • Craft wire


Step 1- Pick some bobby pins and paint them in the colors of your choice with the help of the selected nail paints.

Note: If your bobby pins are new, let them be on the cardboard paper, they’d originally come on. If they are old, pin them to something. This will help to keep your pins straight, which will enable you to paint them well.


Step 2- Tape off the portions you wish to paint, and paint your pins in any way, which you like. Here, we’ve done simple strips. You can opt for diamonds, chevron, polka dots, etc. After you’ve painted your pins, allow them to dry. Now, carefully peel off the tape.

Step 3- Your next step would be to prepare the wire. Take two strips of metal wire and cut them. Twist these wires around one another. Take the pins off the cardboard paper and slip them on to your wire.

Step 4- Now, shape the wire in a circular fashion and attach a hook. Wrap it once again so as to be sure that it wouldn’t come off later (better security).


Step 5- Cut the extra wire off.


Step 6- Now, repeat the same procedure for your second earring.


We think it’s a really cool idea that will help you create these very trendy earrings! You can even replicate this design to make your own beautiful necklace. Yay!