Create Cheap, Affordable, Beautiful Craft

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Remember your favourite subject at school? Couldn’t have been math! Ours was the art and craft class which arrived after an eternal wait of one week, heightened our creativity and broke all records of invention (or so we thought!).

We resolve to get to you a few fun, quick and hassle free ideas to help you make use of the little stuff lying around your house, the backyard garden which you’ll soon find is every discoverer’s dream and the junk which deserves a place in the national museum.

Idea no. 1 – Jar Fairies!Jar fairy

You bought the glow sticks in abundance as a child. And now they are redundant. So let’s help you make a glittering jar that gives the illusion of housing hundreds of tiny fairies, just to add a wee bit more sparkle to your day.

Cut the glow stick into pieces and pour the contents inside the jar. Add some diamond glitter (silver, golden, red). Place the lid on the jar and seal it firmly. Shake the insides well. You’ll see tiny fairies flying around your see-through jar.

Note: Since you cut a glow stick into pieces, it might stain your clothes and hands (even the nontoxic variety), read the warning at the back of the packing before you begin with your expedition.

Idea no. 2 – Hanging Bulb Plants!

hanging bulb plantsEveryone’s got plenty of fused bulbs lying around the house. And the only place of refuge they ever found was at the trash collector’s home. So before you do away with them, take some inspiration from what we are about to show you here.

Empty the contents (the electricity providing, tiny devices inside the outer glass) such that only the glass remains. Now fill half the bulb (which is far from its original avatar) with water. Pick a few pretty flowers, leaves and grass from your garden and place them inside the bulb which has, by now, started looking like a flower vase. Take a wire and screw it at the mouth, this makes hanging your vase easier and gives it a better appearance. Dangle it around the rod in your room, the veranda, terrace or anywhere you wish to. We guarantee people will appreciate your creation.

Idea no. 3 – Delicate Charm Hanging!hanging charms

Every girl buys plenty of earrings, rings, charms and bracelets. But sadly, gets bored with her once prized possessions and goes on another accessorizing spree. What have you been doing with your pretty bits and pieces all this while? Handing them out to your maids little daughter, pretending to be totally in love with a certain piece and yet generously gifting it to your little sister or simply dumping it to the garbage can? Anyway, we advise you to gather all the tiny trinkets, weave them together in a strong and beautiful thread (2-3-4 strands) and hang it next to your window, your bedroom’s entry or an empty space. Bring in the little coloured stones, the big gems, all the shapes and sizes of rings and pendants, your charms and bells to create that beautiful artwork.

Idea no. 4 – Bag from Old Jeans!

old jeans bagCut your worn out jeans around your thigh area and stitch it together such that it leaves no space between the 2 joints. Now, from the leg portion, cut two straps to create the belt in order to hang your bag to the shoulder. Add badges, beads, glitter to further beautify your new self-made accessory. You can even add a scarf to give it a very chic look.

Idea no. 5 – Pebble Door Mat!

pebble doormat

Bored of the “welcome” mats at your footstep? So are your friends and family. We tell you how to make a pleasing, attractive mat with the bare essentials that might be lying at your house even now, if you look around. Get a glue gun (and don’t let it ever stick to your fingers), a plain piece of cloth (preferably thick) or mat and lots of big and small pebbles with a flat and smooth surface (don’t pick the coarse, irregular ones as you may end up wounding your feet). Apply the glue on the mat and place the pebbles one by one, in whatever design or pattern you wish to create. Allow it to dry. Now place this arty and unique mat outside your door and welcome guests with your big bright smile.

Idea no. 6 – Delightful Candles!

Power cuts? You know about them too well. And why you may ask! Because we live in Indi-ah, honey. Don’t curse them anymore, we are here to give a boost to your imagination and make every candle as pretty as possible (since we do not run the country and cannot promise a “no power cut” situation, this is the maximum we could do to make your experience pleasing, haah!). Grab hold of every candle at your house and allow your mind to wander. Adorn them with small dry flowers, add glitter and stick little bows and stars on them. Do all that you can and we assure you, each piece will have a story to tell.

old bottle capsIdea no. 7 – Decorate with Leftover Bottle Caps.

We’ve all drunk soda, coke, beer and juices. But the eagerness to gulp the drink down your throat never made you realise the resourceful value of the bottle’s cap. From now on, don’t throw away those tons of caps, instead keep them with you and when you’ve collected enough, put them all together to create some art. Stick them to a table, decorate a portion of the floor or create a poster for your bedroom wall. And before you know it, people might begin buying you sodas and drinks to help you create more masterpieces.

Idea no. 8 – Pearl Bracelets!

pearl bracelet with ribbonTake some pearls, a satin ribbon and a needle and sew them together such that each pearl is beautifully placed between every turn of the ribbon. We practically demonstrate the trick here in order to give you a clear cut idea. You can create a lot of stuff using the same trick.

Reading these suggestions has sure ignited your creative spirit. We advise you to redefine and restructure most of the junk around your house. It can not only turn out beautiful but also help you create original innovative pieces!