Creamy Mushroom Soup

Soup has always been my favourite food ever since I have treasured my taste buds. I love the mushroom chunks which float in the soup. When I am hungry all I can think is of a large bowl of mushroom soup with two brown bread slices. Enjoy this healthy and delicious mushroom soup for a super.

Cooking Time       : 15 Mins

Preparation time: 8 Mins

Serves                    : 4


• Ground Black and Salt and ground (to taste)

• 5 cups Mushrooms (sliced)

• 3 tbsp Butter

• 3 tbsp Maida

• 1½ cups Vegetable Broth

• 1/8 tsp dried Thyme

• 1 tbsp Sherry

• 1 cup Cream

• ½ cup Onion (chopped)


  • Boil the mushrooms, thyme and onions with the vegetable broth.
  • Cook the vegetables till they are tender.
  • Blend the vegetables in a blender leaving some vegetable pieces.
  • In a pan, heat some butter.
  • Combine maida in the pan.
  • Stir till the maida is light pink in colour.
  • Combine salt, cream, pepper and fresh cream along with vegetable puree.
  • Stir the vegetables constantly.
  • Cook the vegetable on a high flame.
  • Cook the vegetable puree till it is thickened.
  • Combine sherry and switch off the flame.
  • Serve hot.

My tip

  • Avoid cream if you are calorie conscious.