Cracking Creepy YouTube Ghost Video: The Headless Ghost!

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This video went viral under the ‘mystery sightings’ videos on YouTube. We tell you the tale behind the creepy convincing video!

So there are 4 kids wandering about in a school campus in Iraq (some videos described it to be in India, but it’s NOT India and the kids are speaking Arabic so Iraq seems more convincing to me). Now it seems they are searching for something with the camera on and the first two minutes of the video have been utilised to create the suspense as of to what is it they are actually looking for. They walk through hallways opening classroom doors and focusing the camera aimlessly… now as you get involved in the video you expect something to appear in the hallway or dimming of lights but nothing happens and then…

Finally they walk into a class room and sweep their camera around the room and there is nothing in the room and as the guy sweeps back the camera there is this headless figure walking towards the camera (which did not scare them at all coz maybe they see headless people around the year!)

P.S. To cut the crap and watch the action refer the following video-

Now, the point worth noting is the place where the headless ghost walks from is right in front of the window so that there is a lot of light to hide the head of the boy who walked towards the camera. Yes! It was one of the boys who has walked towards the camera and the video has been doctored (in a very good manner, though). Thanks to the immense light in the background and poor cellphone quality of the video.

So how do you like my translucent clothing today?

To all the boys in the video: I don’t know how brave you must be to not get scared (not even notice) the headless figure but it sure gave me Goosebumps at first!