Cover the Loopholes While Hunting Jobs

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‘Keep the Mouth Shut’- Three word advice that you often get when you’re hunting for a new, better job while already being in a job. You’re cautious, making every effort to keep your job search secretive. But, what if still your employer comes to know about it?  What to do then? Should you reveal the truth or rebuff your intention of leaving the job?

In the era of ‘social media’, where maintaining privacy is tricky, keeping a job search hidden is stressful. Well, being discovered searching a new job is not always a bad thing. If both parties handle it sensitively and effectively, it could be a ‘turning point for the better’. At times, it’s proved a wake-up call for your manager that something is wrong and gets the things sorted out. Every reputed company beliefs in retaining its assets rather than letting it go and training another individual. Hence, there is a probability that desirable changes can be brought to your current job to suit you better.

If company doesn’t try and you don’t see chance of issues being resolved, you should at least know whether your decision to leave is right or not.  Continue with your job search elsewhere, but apply the common sense. Because, you don’t wish to compromise your professional relationship with your manager further, in turn making the atmosphere tensed at workplace. How one leaves one’s current job is as important to one’s career as how one performs in the next job. So, it’s important that you consider following dos and don’ts before jumping the boat:


  • Explore internal opportunities before searching the job elsewhere.
  • Be alert as to whom you are telling about your unhappiness with your current work position and hunting for a new job.
  • Tell boss that you aim to quit job only after receiving a formal written offer and joining date is arranged.
  • Give appropriate and reasonable notice in writing.
  • Quit the job in a professional manner. Means leave your work in a fine, good position for the next individual. Bid adieu to everyone in a friendly and pleasant manner.


  • Utter anything negative about your current employer/employment.
  • Use company’s mail id where you are presently working, to apply for a job. Surveys suggests about ¼ of employers have a system to eye their employees’ mails.  Avoid using even the internet of your company.
  • Ask for half-days off frequently. Don’t put excuse of being unwell when you’re to attend job interviews. In case, you get caught up taking off from office to attend interviews, the situation may lead to a disciplinary action by your employer.
  • Put reference of your present employer on your resume.

The last impression you leave in the office is as significant as the first. Try to handle it genially.