21 Classy Ways to Style Copper Blonde Hair for Women

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Copper blonde is the new ginger look that is trending like crazy! You want to change your hair color but don’t know if you should stay blonde or be a redhead? Why not go for the best of both worlds and fall in love with these gorgeous copper blonde hairstyles you can try on yourself!


Attractive Copper Blonde Hairstyles

Here we have compiled a list of styling ideas & variations one can opt for with copper blonde hair dye!

1. Medium Layered Bob with Soft Waves

medium length bob with copper blonde hair

Nothing says “Change” like chopping your hair to a medium bob length and dying it copper blonde, not only is it a beautiful color, but this general cut and shape will really bring out those reddish tones to life!

Remember you can achieve these soft waves with a hair straightener by slightly curling your hair first, and then shaking it softly until you’re left with much more gentle curls.


2. Brazilian Blowout with Layers

long copper blonde layered hairstyle for women

Let’s be realistic, everyone looks great with a Brazilian blowout! But it looks even better when you already have a layered haircut. Bring out the volume in your hair and bright up your light copper blonde hair with this type of blowout!

You can achieve this by asking your hairdresser to give you some layers and add texture and volume to your cut before drying it with a blow dryer and you’ll get this exact same look.


3. Straight Blunt Bangs

light copper blonde bob with blunt bangs

Blunt bangs aren’t for everyone, they require commitment, constant care and trimming, however, they do look amazing in almost every women and can transform any haircut into something bolder in a matter of seconds.

If you already have short strawberry hair, then blunt bangs are definitely for you! They will frame your face and naturally highlight your cheekbones, making your face look younger.


4. Long Hair with Classic Waves

long copper blonde wavy hair

If you’re looking for something more classic, big waves are the perfect hairstyle for your copper blonde hair! These types of waves naturally highlight the reddish tones on your color, making it look more abundant than it really is.

These waves can be done with a big curling iron, and, unlike beachy waves, you don’t want to destroy the curl! You want it to stay in shape for as long as possible to really get that “put together” look.


5. Short Bob Weave

black girl with short copper blonde bob

Nothing beats a short blond hair with big waves that will give you that 20’s classic look while also bringing attention to the best features of your face.

This particular hairstyle is great for women with a rounded shape face since it will the illusion of prominent cheekbones, making your face look sharper than before.


6. Bob with Curls

Nothing brings out the color in copper blonde hairstyles than curls! And we’re talking actually curls, not just waves. This hairstyle paired with short hair just looks gorgeous on almost everyone.

We recommend you to do this type of curls with an actual curly iron and not a hair straightener since they will hold up way better this way and will eventually -after a day or two!- turn into soft waves as well.


7. Copper Red Blonde Ombre

We have talked about the Brazilian blowout before and how great it looks on everyone, however, with copper blonde hair dye it just looks incredible since it really does bring the red tone to live. This particular hairstyle looks great on women with long, voluminous hair, but women with shorter hair can pull off this look as well.


8. Inverted Bob with Soft Curls

If you’re looking for a more bold hairstyle then a layered inverted bob with bangs and la is the right choice for you! Bring out the colors in your hair while also giving you texture and volume with this haircut.

Ask your hairdresser to cut more hair in the back than in the front, making sure to leave some strains of hairs long enough to frame your face and elongate it.


9. Straight Cut with A Soft Blowout

This hairstyle is both simple yet beautiful for this type of hair color, and goes great with medium to long hairs as well, plus, it adds volume and movement to your natural hair. If you want to take this hairstyle to the next level, you can also ask your hairdresser to give you some layers.


10. Copper Balayage

copper blonde balayage highlights

Brown undertones with reddish highlights are the way to go this season, especially if you have long hair and want to try something different without having to go full on blonde or completely redhead.


11. Short Colored Hair with Undercut

This style might not be for everyone, but for those women who are willing to try it, this haircut will highlight your cheekbones, make your face look smaller and even frame your jawline, giving you an overall sharp, edgy look. Add a copper blonde hair dye to the mix, and this haircut will be even more amazing.


12. Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Fish-braids are a great hairstyle for anyone who wants to do their hair but still want to keep it casual, but it looks especially beautiful in women with copper blonde hair since the braid will showcase the different undertones of your hair color from the top to the bottom, giving it an extra touch to the whole style.


13. Double-Sided Fishtail Braid

Like we just said, fish-braids really bring out the colors in coppery blonde ombre, so of course, it’s a great (and easy) hairstyle to do, especially if you have long hair! Twist two strains of hair from each side for your head as regular braids and combine them together in a fishtail braid in the middle!


14. Short Vintage Hair

Really short tracks hair cut above the neck and the cheeks with really marked waves and soft curls on top will give you an early 20’s vibe, plus it will really bring out both the red and blonde tones on your hair!


15. Full Bangs with Short Stacked Bob

copper blonde bob with bangs

Full bangs are very flattering for oval or elongated face shapes since it will hide your forehead will bringing attention to your cheeks. Combine that with a bob that frames your face and you’ve got a lovely copper blonde haircut.


16. Fluffy Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a very distinguish hairstyle, then this one is for you. Achieve this fluff, try with a wavy curly iron, pressing gently over your hair until you get the effect. Don’t fluffy out tho! Unlike soft curls hairstyles, this one will hold together better if you let it sit once the waves are done.


17. Long Layered Hair with Bangs

For those of you who aren’t ready to fully commit to blunt bangs, swept or side bangs are a great option to give some layers to your haircut while keeping the certain length to it.


18. Textured Pixie Cut

Also known as an asymmetric cut, this hairstyle will suit those who want an extreme change, yet something really easy to maintain, not to mention it brings attention to your cheekbones, making them appear sharper!


19. Middle Part with Bow in The Back

Whether you choose to wear this tousled bob hairstyle with or without the soft curls, it will still give you a very soft, innocent look. Part your hair in the middle and pint it back with a bow, making sure to leave some pieces in the front to frame your face.


20. Medium Hair with Wispy Bangs

wispy bangs for copper blonde hair

If you want to go for the more careless look then this one is perfect for you! Plus, you get to have bangs without having to fully commit to them, since they’re long enough you can sweep them to either side of your copper blonde dyed hair and change to a middle part hairstyle at any moment.


21. Short Hair with Baby Bangs

short copper blonde hair with baby bangs

Last, but not least, get that boyish look with a short, sharp haircut paired with baby bangs for a more feminine touch. You can even part your bangs slightly in the middle to give it a twist.


These are the trendiest styles of copper blonde colored hair for women.