How to Convert Waste Garbage into Useful Household Stuff

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While cleaning the house, you might come across with old stuffs or the items, which are no longer of any use. What do you do with these objects? Plunk it out? No wonder! Most of us act the similar. But, have you ever thought to re-utilize these scraps in a new and creative way?

Here are some ideas to convert waste and chuck-able items into new and useful products.


If you have a number of different colored buttons, you can use them as earring holders. Overhaul your earring to the button. While going to the office, you need not to search for them in your purse or kit. Just take out them from the button and put on ears.

Baby Oil

Use baby oil as a chrome cleanser! Just put a few drops of baby oil on a cotton cloth and clean everything from tap (valve) to hubcaps. You will get a shiny and burnished surface.


Congratulations for bringing new inverter to your sweet home! Now, what will you do with the candles? Chuck it outside! No…no…wait! Don’t dump it. Here are the new uses of candles:

  • Use it as a zipper fixer. Rub a candle on the stuck zipper of your purse and it will work smoothly.
  • Chop the onions without tears! Before cutting the onion, lit a candle and place it adjacent to the cutting board. Flame of the candle will draw the gas emitted by the onion.
  • Sometimes, your drawer gets hard-to-open. To slack it, skate a candle along the bottom outer ends of the drawer.

Muffin Tin

Use a muffin tin as an ice tray! Fill it with water and put it in the refrigerator. You will get giant ice cubes. Take out the cubes by putting the tin under hot water for thirty seconds.

Old Fabrics

You can re-utilize the old clothes in various manners. Following are some tips to use them in a creative way:

  • Give a new stylish look to the old clothes. Redesign the fabrics by adding patches, ribbons, buttons and other superfluities.
  • To make them entirely diverse, dye them.
  • Prepare hair bands, belts and other accessories out of the old fabrics.
  • Use different fabrics to make designer curtains for your house.
  • Entwine a rag rug.
  • Prepare a comfy pillow for your dog, using soft fabrics.
  • You can make use of old clothes for cleaning and dusting.

Magazines, Used Calendars and Cardboard Boxes

You can prepare following things by adding adornments to calendars, newspapers, magazines and cardboard boxes.

  • Photo frames
  • Greeting cards
  • Gift wrapping essentials

Glass Jars

  • Put chocolates, homemade jelly or cookies in the glass jar. Wrap it beautifully and gift it.
  • Use them as candle holders. Embellish the outer side of the glass jar with the help of colorful permanent markers and stickers.
  • Use it as a utensil stand for spoons, knives and forks.
  • You can also turn it into a flower-pot.

Old Bottles

  • Prepare table lamp from the old bottles.
  • Insert some mini lights in the bottle and use it as a decorative item.
  • With the help of plastic bottles, you can prepare a beautiful curtain.
  • Convert them into elegant vases.

Next time, before lugging off the trash, take a second look! You can turn this trash into treasure, just by a little creativeness.