Controversy Created With Music And Lyrics!

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Time and again, Bollywood comes up with a song that gives the entire nation something to talk about. The moral brigade protests, the censor board generously alters the lyrics and the common public is left talking about it for days to come. Nonetheless, we hear it till we get bored and hum it until stopped by the elders. So here’s a list of the songs that have courted controversy and gathered instant attention.

Sheela ki Jawani, Tees Maar Khan (2010)


This song became really popular and going by the standards, there wasn’t anything vulgar about the lyrics either. But the problem began when a woman began to be eve teased by a guy in Mumbai using this song as provocation. Her folks rained blows on the guy and matters turned worse when friends of the culprit gathered together to beat up the girl’s people. One life was lost in this mini war.

Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan

Composed by Vishal-Shekhar

Bhaag DK Bose, Delhi Belly (2011)


If the catchy tune weren’t enough, the makers of the song smartly inserted a swear word which went down quite well with the youth of the nation. The song, sung in a grunge rock style topped the charts.

Composed and Sung by Ram Sampath,

Written by Amit Bhattacharya.

Mit Jaaye Ghum, Dum Maaro Dum (2011)


The lyrics purely were in poor taste. The only thing going about the song were the lyrics copied from a cult song that featured Zeenat Aman and even the tune remain unchanged. It appeared that a few words had been forcefully inserted to attract limelight but it surely did not help.

Sung by Anushka Manchanda,

Written by Jaideep Sahni.

Munni Badnaam hui, Dabangg (2010)


Inspired from a Pakistani song, ‘ladka badnaam hua, naseeban tere liye’, this number is one of the biggest hits of our generation. The inane lyrics were saved by a comic and fine picturization. And in the end, Malaika Arora Khan became the brand ambassador of zandu balm.

Sung by Mamta Sharma and Ashwarya Nigam

Written by Lalit Pandit

Choli ke Peeche, Khalnayak (1993)


It was probably for the first time that such a direct question had been asked through a song. Featuring Madhuri Dixit and Neena Gupta, it played a key role in making Khalnayak a hit. The lyrics were obscene for sure and remember, we’re talking about the 90’s here.

Sung by Alka yagnik and Ila Arun

Written by Anand Bakshi

Sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bolein, Khuddar (1993)


No one would find anything remotely crass about it now, but it was an altogether different era then. The newspapers engaged in furious debates about the use of word “sexy” in a song and the censor board changed the lyrics to ‘baby baby’. However, everyone still remembers the original version of the song.

Sung by Alisha Chinai

Written by Indeewar

Aaja Nachle Nachle, Aaja Nachle (2007)


Stating that the lyrics of the song were demeaning to the cobblers, the Dalit leaders termed the song as ‘Casteist’. The words were altered and the producers had to give an apology in writing. The song is from the comeback movie of Madhuri Dixit and moral policing hit it hard.

Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan

Composed by Salim Sulaiman

Chaiyya Chaiyya, Dil Se (1998)


The religious groups opined questioned about ‘Jannat’ being under one’s feet and opposed the words with much fervour. However, it did not affect the makers, the lyrics remained intact and the song was a chart buster.

Sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Sapna Awasti

Composed by A. R. Rahman

Sar kai laio Khaitya, Raja Babu (1994)


Govinda and Karisma Kapoor funnily jumped around to the pervert lyrics of the song doing all sorts of suggestive dance moves, making the parents and kids equally comfortable.

Sung by Kumar Sanu and Poornima

Composed by Anand Milind