Controversial and Bold Films made in Bollywood

Jism 2 and Dirty Picture, undoubtedly, created many controversies this year on the silver screen. These are not the only movies that created such controversies. Before these movies, there were many controversial films, which were banned or censored because of its visual display, filthy dialogues or unexpected content. The film industry saw significant upheavals because of such films. Some of these controversies were merely publicity stunt, but some certainly had explicit contents that were not suitable for the Indian audience. Liberal minded people did experimentation with such bold and controversial films, and those films aroused the mindsets of the common man. Here, we will tell all those Bollywood movies that were the most controversial, bold and arresting, till date.


1.     Aandhi (1975)


The film did not have any vulgar visuals or raunchy dialogues, but, it was banned due to political controversy because it was rumoured by the media that the film is based on the life of Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of that time. The Iron Lady of India herself felt that the movie had some minor nuances that were influenced by her personal and political life. The ban was revoked when Gulzar added some lines in the movie, which was spoken by the protagonist, Suchitra Sen “I am a big fan of Indira Gandhi, she is my idol, and I want to be a politician like her.” The scene was added, and the movie was released again.

2.     Insaaf Ka Tarazu (1980)


This movie was the remake of B .R. Chopra’s movie ‘Lipstick’ and this film acclaimed a whopping box-office hit. The uproar related to this film probably is the reason why it became a super hit film. The controversy aroused on a horrific rape scene with 13 years old minor girl. This film showed two rapes, which was a big thing at those times. Padmini Kolhapure portrayed the minor girl’s character and the other woman was Zeenat Aman. This film was considered as adult movie in some areas of the country. The film gained enough publicity because of the rape scene, and the film was said to be exploitative and titillating one.

3.     Chetna (1970)


This movie was about a hard talking and drinking prostitute. This movie had the courage to show women’s sexuality. There were many steamy and bold scenes, which were indigestible for the Indian audiences at that time. Rehana Sultan, Shatrughan Sinha and Anil Dhavan played the lead roles. The intimate scenes in the film were the main source of controversy in the 70’s. Few years later, in an interview, Rehana Sultan revealed that the film was responsible for damaging her career and image, as she was type casted after this film.

4.     Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978)


The erotic content of the film was the main cause behind the controversy. Semi nude clothes that Zeenat Aman wore became the much-talked story of the town that time. Zeenat became a craze, overnight.  The film was hot, and the actress was super hot. The sex scene between Zeenat Aman and Shashi Kapoor made the audiences and media clan go frenzy. Although, the movie was banned for some time; still, it was a huge hit and won many prestigious awards.

5.     Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985)


This film also had some bold scenes, which were too much in an Indian perspective. The boob shown in a wet transparent sari by actress Mandakini, while taking bath in a waterfall, was something, which was never done in Bollywood, and she will always be remembered for this. In fact, in this movie, there was a scene of baby feeding.

6.     Fire (1996)


This film was the first to show homosexuality onscreen. Deepa Mehta’s directed movie ‘Fire’ was too bold for its time. The film showed the lesbian tale of sister-in-laws, who have broken marriages and are not satisfied sexually; they find solace in each other and involves in sex. The audiences saw the film as highly explicit, and it got many negative reactions. The movie was screened with ‘A’ certificate only on changing the character name from ‘Sita’ to ‘Nita’. The film received rave responses right from the very beginning. Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das played the characters of lesbians.

7.     Black Friday (2004)


The movie tells the story of the 1993 Bombay blasts; the film revolves around happenings and events of the blasts.  However, the movie was banned as the court’s decision was pending in the case and it created bias public opinions. Although, after many court hearings, the film was released in some parts of India and was shown in film festivals. The film got rave reviews in the film festivals. It is one of the most acclaimed films of all times.

8.     Kissa Kursi Ka (1978)


As soon as the movie hit the theatres, the negatives were burnt, and the reels of the film were confiscated. The film was a political spoof, which revolved around the reputed Gandhi family and especially on Sanjay Gandhi, who was involved in the Maruti car project and was sentenced a month trial in Tihar jail.

9.     Sins (2005)


The story of the film revolves around a Catholic priest, who is sexually involved with a woman. The film was loaded with erotic scenes and had to face the rage of the religious groups. Catholics protested strongly against the film saying that it has portrayed a negative light on Christianity. The movie was released with an ‘A’ certificate and was allowed to release in some parts of the country. The movie was banned when the Catholics became outraged.

10.       Ek Chhotisi Love Story (2002)


This is an intimate love story of a young boy, who falls in love with his neighbour, who is a married woman. Manisha Koirala played the role of a married woman, and she went crazy, when she saw that her body double was used to shoot the intimate scenes. Manisha approached the National Commission of Women, and the Mumbai High Court had to stop the release of the film. The movie is inspired from a Hollywood movie, ‘Summer of 1942’. The movie had too many steamy scenes between the young boy and Manisha’s body double.

11.     Bandit Queen (1994)


Directed by Shekhar Kapur, this film was inspired on the real life incident of Phoolan Devi. It showed the story of a woman, who turned to a dacoit. The film had a gang rape scene, which the audience did not like much and thus, the film was banned in India, as the movie portrayed sex, nudity and violence. The film received critical acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival, in 1994. But, the film was re-released after several cuts.  Phoolan Devi herself wanted to stop the release of the film worldwide, as it was embarrassing for her.

12.     Julie (1975)


This was a controversial film and bold as well, because it was for the first time in Indian cinema that inter-caste marriage and pregnancy before marriage was shown on the silver screen. Unwed motherhood was something that was not appreciated in those times. The lead actress Lakshmi looked pretty, hot and bold in the film.

13.     Siddhartha (1972)


This film was released with an ‘A’ certificate. In those times, when actress used to wear lehenga-cholis and kept their body covered, Simi Garewal became topless in the film. The film had some hot, steamy and erotic scenes between Simi and Shashi Kapoor. This was the first film to show hardcore lip-lock scene.  Nude scenes given by Simi Garewal became the talk of the town at that time.

14.       Maya Memsaab (1993)


This movie is based on Gustave Flaubert’s novel ‘Madame Bovary’. The film had controversial nude sex scenes featuring Shahrukh Khan. The film did not do well commercially, but the love making scenes were highly praised by the critics. This was the first and last film in which, Shahrukh Khan gave bold and steamy bedroom scenes.

15.      Jism (2003)


It was an erotic thriller and had a lot of steamy scenes and raunchy dialogues between Bipasha Basu and John Abraham. The theme of the movie was lust and sex. This made it an erotic classic of all times.

16.         Murder (2004)


Sex scenes between Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi made this film as one of the bold films. The film showed the nudity, vulgarity, passion, sex, deceit and murder. This was an erotic thriller. This film had many lip-lock scenes. This was quite a popular film among the audiences.