Comedy Nights with Kapil: A Sadistic Pause to the Show

The whole nation is shocked after hearing the news that the sets of Comedy Nights with Kapil burnt into ashes on Wednesday morning.  The outburst of fire was so massive that the whole set got destroyed, although there were no casualties reported from the sets.


Thankfully, there was no shooting going on at the sets when the fire broke out. The cause of fire is said to be a short circuit in the control room of the show, destroying all the cameras, trolleys, air conditioners, furniture, and almost everything. The shooting had not taken place since last 3-4 days, and was supposed to take place in the latter half of the day where Sonu Nigam was the supposed guest of the show.


Kapil later tweeted saying, “We are all fine. Thanks for your concern. Need your best wishes. We will be back for all of you. Love you all.” The whole team of Comedy Nights with Kapil is under a big shock.


It is certainly very tragic and sadistic thing to happen with such people who make you laugh all the time. It is one of the rarest shows that your whole family watches from beginning till end laughing, laughing, and laughing. I, on behalf of Feminiya, wish Kapil Sharma lots of luck. I am sure that He will be back again with a bang and his gang.


We will miss you!