Colour Blocking

Color blocking isn’t for the faint heated  It’s for the innovators, inventors and for those who wouldn’t think twice before experimenting. Literally, it means to create an outfit using ‘blocks of solid color’.

So basically, the primary color on the wheel i.e. yellow, blue and red are mixed with secondary colors i.e. green (blend of yellow and blue), purple (blend of blue and red) and orange (blend of red and yellow) to create optimal color scheme. Additionally, a third color is supplemented for the added effect.

Color never runs out of style. The trick to pulling off this trend is as under-

  • Pick shades that are directly opposite on the color wheel.
  • Pick shades that are of the same intensity. Each piece must contain an equal quantity of grunt.
  • DO NOT add everything in one outfit, i.e. strips, prints, patterns and florals. You will risk looking clownish.

You can also ‘ color tone’. This uses colors from the same family. If you happen to be apprehensive of the loud and bright hues that color blocking uses, we suggest you try ‘ color toning’.

For example- Pick purple and royal blue. Try lemon green and yellow pastels. But do not accessorize with the same colors.

Another option is to go in for ‘ color popping’. Take a single bright color and use it in one item only. A neon bag, a bright shoe or a shift dress will work perfectly well. Stick with the basic white, black or denim for the rest of the outfit.

We let out the golden secret to wearing the trend right. This one’s epic.

A Glimpse At How To Color Block

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Celebs and color blocking

Jessica Alba


Katy Perry

Kim Kardashian

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