Cold Bath for Office Romance

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Your boss in intelligent and has an excellent mind. He is your admiration. Nothing is unusual, if you develop positive feelings towards your boss. It is common to feel yourself attracted to wards such a person. But, amidst all this, important is to realize whether it is ‘falling in love’ with the brain or power of a boss. If you’re a fortunate employee who is working with an organization
and works as a true mentor to its employees in the form of boss, the kind of interest, attention it brings can make anyone feel special; developing infatuation with the mentor becomes ordinary. But, still don’t be convinced that it’s a LOVE. It’s easier to get confused with warm feelings with appreciation and believe you are in love.

Reason for Office Romance

At workplace, many couples meet. There is a reason behind it. Unlike newspaper ads, online dating, speed dating and singles events, at workplace you get a chance to know and also bond with a person before announcing your inclination and interest towards him/her. Working with a person daily, seeing her or him under pressure, congratulating over winning and empathizing over troubles provides you a portrait of the outside as well as inside of the person. Since, it’s the inside that actually matters in a relationship. As a result, all these things make office connections look so tempting. But, it has its own downsides. It is looked upon as illegal sexual harassment even though if boss is not imploring sex. The implicit and unspoken message it holds is that you’ve to sleep with the supervisor to get ahead.

Bear in mind, following DOs and DON’Ts if you’re into office romances:


  • Realize if problems come in relationships you may have to end up changing the job.
  • Check employees’ conducts policy of your organization. It may regulate office romances between co-workers.
  • Ask him/her to marry you.
  • Remember that you require your job, so behave and act accordingly.
  • Use cell phone for romantic conversation in a private place where you’re unheard to others, otherwise talk in codes.


  • Public displays of favoritism and affection with your partner. Date with prudence.
  • Cuddle up to him/her in hopes of a raise or promotion.
  • Use mobile phones and work emails to text love messages because someone from IT department may read them.
  • Share information about your dating situation with your co-workers. If you do, you are likely to become hot topic of office gossiping.
  • Involved with a co-worker or boss who is married, regardless of how much you’re fond of him.
  • Suddenly begin dressing yourself provocatively at workplace. It will bring doubt in your coworkers mind that’s something is on.

The main argument in the office romance is the unfair treatment-NEPOTISM. When a boss gets in love with a subordinate, it’s a favoritism- raises, special perks and even promotions to a person who is involved with a boss.  Particularly, it’s the female employees who speak openly and recurrently in the office about their friendship with bosses and favor he provides to them. So, the main complain is not ‘OFFICE ROMANCE’ but the winding of work rules and preferential treatment to boss’s lover.