Climb the Ladder of Success Holding Arm’s with Your Better Half

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Relationships are not easy, they are hard! These relationships become even harder when you try to move from being an employee to entrepreneur. People love their business, work for longer hours, and give their physical and emotional efforts to see their business flourishing. Life becomes even harder when one has to be in a relationship with a business and person at the same time. Hence, to become successful in both- business and family, you need support of a spouse for you and your business.

When you decide to quit your current job and start your own new business, spouse’s support becomes imperative further. The business is your personal project. It is to bring more passion, satisfaction and profit into your life. But, have you ever thought what your family goes through when you decide to take this step? They experience the waves of financial uncertainty with you. She is worried about your living as a family.

Exploit these potent tips to help your spouse in dealing with feelings of insecurity and uncertainty and support you in your new business venture.

Stay Informed and keep Partner Informed

Many times, it’s difficult to share the vision of the new business to spouse. So, you need to do research as much as you can before you go sharing business idea with her. To gain spouse support, develop a plan for gain, success. Represent the steps in the plan that you are to take and the choices you will take to look after financial needs of family members.

Plan Multiple Sources of Income

When the business is at the opening stage, profit margins are likely to low. So, make an arrangement for alternative source of income. For instance, purchase a store building on a busy street with a residential rental building above it. This will support you to have a stable income at the start up of the business by renting out the residential building.

State the Advantages

How is your business venture good for your family?  Will it allow you to spend time with your kids? You’ve to ensure that your decision will benefit the entire family. Make them belief that it will get in interest of family members.  Before starting a business, you should seek a clear understanding of the resources, time and energy are required to start your business and their impact on your social and family life.

In addition to profits, state what other benefits your new venture will gift to your family.

Be Clear About Funding Sources

Bring your spouse’s mind at ease as far as financial needs of the family are concerned. Prepare a well thought B plan to calm down the fear of your spouse. Also, share with her about your plans of paying for the business.


The way you and your spouse have prayed together for every major decision of life, this time too when you are pursuing entrepreneurship, you and your partner should pray together as well individually.

Your partner may be excited that you are finally pursuing your profit driven passion but you need to prepare yourself logically as well as emotionally in case you happen to meet with skepticism or tough questions.

Implement suggested tips to enhance chances of gaining your spouse’s valuable support while heading from employee to entrepreneur.