Clicked! Hot Divas with Bad Hairstyles

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When we talk about fashion, there is a lot to be talked about in Bollywood. In terms of hairstyles, we look up to our B -town actors, for their sexy beach curls or poker straight tresses. Unfortunately, things aren’t the same every day. I know we all have had bad hair days, but when it comes to Bollywood things, they just can’t be ignored! It could be a wrong haircut, a wrong hair color, or simply a bad hair day.

So, check out the following B-town actors with their bad hair days.

Kangana Ranaut


We know Kangana you love experimenting with your hair, but the blonde tinge is just not suiting you. We know that curly hair is difficult to handle, but a hairstyle like this is just not acceptable. Come-on, you are a star!

Sonakshi Sinha


Where is your hairstylist Sonakshi? Why do you want to look thrice of your age when you have such a baby face? We really didn’t like the curls Sonkashi. You look great with straight hair. Remember the Rowdy look?

Priety Zinta


Please stay away from fringes Priety! They make your features look flatter than they are. We love your black hair. Where have they disappeared Miss Zinta? Maybe she was very upset with the failure of her home production, “Ishkq in Paris”, and that’s why she had no time to look at the mirror.

Genelia D’souza


What’s wrong with you Geni? I think you need to hire a new hairstylist to make you look better. Your fringes look like a wig dear. Next time when you visit the salon, go easy gal!

Priyanka Chopra


Yes, we know side braids are in fashion! But, this braid is making you look drabber. We love your long blonde tresses Miss Piggy Chops. Flaunt them with style.

Gauri Khan


What was Gauri thinking when she got her hair colored  The streaks and haircut are looking horrible! Don’t you think it’s overdone? Go for the colors that suite your complexion. Otherwise, you are gonna earn loads of bad reorganization in the Bollywood.

Amrita Rao


It looks as she has no time to blow dry her hair, before stepping out for her shoot. This casual and plain hairstyle is not for a celeb like you Miss Rao. I think you dint change your hairstyle since “Main Hoo Naa”.

Kareena Kapoor


Bebo! We admire you for whatever you wear. But, please pay attention to your hair. If you go for layers or a free style look, we will appreciate. The red color is just not suiting you.

Sonam Kapoor


Sonam! Please note that a designer outfit is not enough to flaunt your beauty. You need to consider other things too. Don’t neglect your lovely long tresses; otherwise you will be neglected honey!

Rani Mukherjee


Looks as Rani was too tired to get her hair done for the party. Her casual hairstyle makes her look very ugly and unattractive. You should have taken some pains to blow dry your hairs Rani. Hope to see you in style next time.

Vidya Balan


It seems as it was an entirely bad day for Vidya. She was caught with bad hair, bad clothes, and bad makeup! Probably she needed a dress designer too, along with a hair stylist.

Who is your favorite ‘bad hair day’ star? Do a tweet!