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You’re creative and imaginative. Photography is your hobby that supersedes rest all your hobbies. A ripple of thrill surrounds when you think of displaying your photographic art to others. If it’s so then your passion of photography can offer you a lot. Imagine yourself clicking the stars walking the Cannes red carpet. Wowww… this not something you always wanted to do?  Having a hobby and getting a chance to enjoy it, a pure blessing. It adds gleam to the life, besides make it interesting to live and cherish.

Sometimes back, the idea to make your hobby of photography your profession was not so appealing to many. But, today the scene has changed; loads of opportunities are lying for those who choose to be a professional photographer.  The rising mass- communication and the increasing importance of fashion and media are the probable reasons which have brought the change.

Go ahead making this your profession! It’s a field that will offer you an exotic lifestyle. You’ll get to meet the wealthy and famous people and travelling the 1st class around the world at others’ expense. Isn’t it super exciting!!

Become a professional photographer doesn’t take much. More than a formal training, it requires an inherent talent to succeed. However, training contributes to horning your inherent skills and make you standout in this competitive field with varied specializations such as fashion, advertising and portraiture photography, wildlife photography and journalistic photography, etc. Good know-how of angles, lightening and latest technology and equipments help in creating a photograph of commercial quality and make a name in the industry.

Following are the photography institution in India where you can seek training to horn your skills and achieve commercial success as a photographer –

  • JJ School of Art, Mumbai
  • MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Bharitya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi
  • College of Art, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • Film and Television Institute, Pune
  • Jawaharlal Technological University, Hyderabad
  • Academy of Photography, Kolkata

Following are the options to you for a career in photography:

  • Photojournalism: A part of journalism where we need instinct and promptness to make a story using images. You can work with a news agency or independently.
  • Nature And Wildlife Photography: If you love nature and also love to bring the beauty of nature in your camera, then should go for it. You can work for geographic or travel magazines.
  • Fashion and Advertising photography: If you feel attracted by glamour, then this one is for you. It’s a quite creative and lucrative field that involves working with models. If you choose this, you’ll be working with fashion magazines, fashion houses and advertising agencies.
  • Still Photography: It involves clicking man-made objects or inanimate naturals.
  • Event Photography: It includes working for wedding events and other like family functions, sports meets, etc.
  • Travel Photography: If you enjoy travelling and love adventures, then this is the one you should go with. You can work with travel magazines, hospitality industry or travel websites.

If you own a passion for photography, there’s an every reason for you to make a career in it-be practical and wise and go for it!