Choose Your Pet According To Your Sun Sign

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Believe it or not! Hilton’s Chihuahua pet may be more than her purse’s accessory!  Keeping a new pet is amazing, but just do not drop in to any pet shop and pick one coz he or she is cute. Learn to pick one according to your zodiac.

We got pets for you that are a bit like us, just like the way we crave for a romantic partner!



People born under this zodiac are independent and active. Despite of a lot of energy, Aries can get pissed off easily. The perfect pet for you is a Dog. Remember! Do not pick just any dog. Go for a dog that is lively and playful to match- up to your expectations. A Labrador is one that keeps one smiling from morning to night. He will be your best companion while you go for jogging in the morning, and at night while you come back from office, he would wag his tail and welcome you.



People coming under this sun sign are dependent and terribly stubborn. They love to spend time mostly at home. Yes, they are lazy; therefore, a lazy companion is perfect for this zodiac. How about a cat? A fuzzy and warm pet will be great to relax and satisfy the need of this lazy breed. And, if you are not a cat lover, rabbit is a good option for you.



A Gemini is witty, impulsive, and restless; they love their freedom. And yes, they love changes. A Gemini’s the perfect companion is a parrot who is a nonstop chatter box like you. This intelligent bird will talk to you day and night and will keep you amused. You can teach him tricks. Also, a monkey will be a good option. (If you can keep one)!



These people are extremely sensitive and moody. Simultaneously, they are caring and loyal. These kinds of people need a furry animal so that they can hold them in their hands and can cuddle them in their arms like a genie pig. A Cancerian loves tiny animals also, like a hamster or mice.



While the obvious pet for a Leo person is a Cat, but there is an animal that fits in this category even better. A Leo is ambitious, confident, and a lil vain at times. A distinguished and regal pet like the horse suites this personality.  Unfortunately, all of us are not born with a silver spoon, so all Leos cannot afford a horse, so you might have to get rich soon!



They are fussy, observant and helpful. These kinds of people do not like to deal with pets because of misbehave or mess around the house that applies to all the pets. So, we have a great option for you, the fish that makes the loveliest pet for a Virgo. You just have to sit and enjoy watching them swimming across the aquarium (only a minimal care).



Those who are born under this zodiac have hospitable and peaceful personalities, but at times they are a bit superficial. They can get adaptable with almost everyone. Most of all, what the Librans want is a good looking pet, which is least ferocious! A white, soft, and furry cat will be an enjoyable pet for you, such as the Snowy in Stewart little. Remember?



Scorpios have extreme and unique personalities, which makes this Dangerous animal the perfect pet. The dynamics and passion of this exotic snake makes this Deadly creature loveable and cuddly. And of course, the snake is harmless. Well, if petting a snake is impossible, you have another option such as the frog. Well, he is also slimy and scaly.



A Sagittarian loves his freedom, and he is a travel- freak. These people do not genuinely enjoy pets until there is call for low maintenance. Fishes are a good option for you, but one animal that is impressive is the tortoise. Give this animal a warm lush green lawn and he will be happy by himself. All you have to do is feed him with all his favourite food such as fruits and vegetables.



Those born under this category are patient and responsible people. They are good in handling even the most misbehaved animals. But, this does not mean that I have something terrible coming for you. A sugar glider or a ferret is an apt animal for you. These animals are a bit finicky, but if they are treated well they are the coolest animals on earth. Only a lil attention and care are required for this lovely animal. A cuddly dog is also another option for you.



The Aquarians are day dreamers, witty, romantic and have a sarcastic sense of humour. Initially, these people do not enjoy the idea of having a pet, but once they get used to their company, they will love it. An Aquarian loves the company of birds, especially a pair of love birds coz romance is what an Aquarian needs.



The last sign among the zodiac calendar; those who are born under this sun sign are compassionate and devoted. They are also sensitive and emotional.  Although the obvious pet for Pisces is a fish, but we will not recommend that to you.  A fish is not an ideal pet for you. A pieces man or woman loves to be cuddled and hugged all the time, so a rabbit fits well in this category. This animal craves for a hug and cuddles like you!

Next time, when you step into a pet shop, do remember your sun sign pet, and pick one accordingly! Don’t panic even if it’s a snake, because it’s someone compatible for you.