Chic DIY Accessories

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If you think ‘Aldo’ and ‘Accessorize’ are cruel to your pocket this month, we bring to you a few ‘do-it-yourself’ accessory ideas. Fun, attractive and complete eye candies (it’s your jewellery that we’re discussing), these bits are easy to make and perfect to flaunt.



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Pick the felt threads and wool at your home and weave them together. It would be better if you pair the bright colored ones with each other. Embellish the thread with stones, studs and little gems. We love the one here.


If you don’t want the heavily embellished bracelets, you can go for their subtle version. Put in enough space between the studs so that it does not look too dolled up. We appreciate the effort made here.


Grab little circles lying around the house (you can even pick bangles of different sizes) and knot them together using a bright colored thread. Tie the thread very tight so that the circles don’t come lose. You can wear it around the neck and gather all the attention.


Give a makeover to your dull black pins by using little pearls and gems to prettify it. You can even give it a different shape and design, like the one showed in the picture, a dragonfly, butterfly or an uncomplicated neat design.


Easy, simple and adorable, all you got to do with this one is pull in a cute button, a beautiful stone, etc to make this wonderful looking hair pins. You can use paint to color the stick of your pin in order to make it appear more attractive.


Make use of can lids to create this super hot bracelet. All you have to do is remove the lid each time you have a coke, and when you’ve collected enough, tuck them each together and weave a ribbon through the openings. We take delight in how it’s done here.


We love this fork bracelet. All you have to do is pick a greying bracelet from your mum’s crockery and mould it to create the shape of a bracelet. Also, do not forget to give a rounded shape to the tips as the pointed angles might hurt your hand.


Pick a few colorful buttons of different shapes and sizes and loop them around a chain. You can increase or decrease the quantity of the buttons depending on your taste and availability. It is best worn with jeans and cute little dresses.


Instead of wearing your danglers in the usual way, tuck them up your earlobe and see how completely adorable they look. We like how the lady in the picture uses her tiny pearl earrings to create a changed look with the same pair.


The use of dark to light thread balls made in the shape of cones looks very alluring to us. You can pick blue, green and yellow or any other color that catches your fancy. Fix them in chain, preferably use beads or with pearls.