Chic and Comfy Crochet for Your Closet

Style is something that always revolves around us- we just need to explore it and accept it. There are always two things for the girl- a girl should be classy and fabulous. But one thing to be remembered always is –simpler your style is, more sophisticated you are going to look. Crochet replicates well with the statement because of its subtleness, uniqueness and craftsmanship behind each exquisite piece.

A simple knitting needle and a ball of thread can turn into something remarkable that exists nowhere in the world except your closet. Skip the hook stitch and explore with Feminiya, what spring’s craftiest designers have created to stock up your wardrobe as we unpack the suitcase full of chic crochet dresses and accessories.

1. Experiment with Bright Hues and Mix-N-Match Wardrobe Adventure to be the Head Turner



2. Try the Retro Silhouettes to Get the Ultra Glam Look


 3. Head Bands Belts and Crochet Necklaces Make Up for Season’s Freshest Adornment


So, get ready to be chic, classy and sophisticated this summer, with classy crochet transforming you from head to toe with its unique and subtle appearance.