Chennai Express: You Can Board It Once!

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Directed by: Rohit Shetty

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone


Hey everyone out there! How was your weekend? I know it was an extended weekend for most of us, and we all have enjoyed it ourselves. Most of us prefer to go for a movie, which is certainly the best thing to pass our time over the weekends.

I was going gaga with the anticipation of SRK and Deepika Padukone’s Chennai Express since for a long time, and finally, I got to see the movie on last Saturday. Many of you must have seen this flick last weekend, but those who haven’t seen it yet, should go through this review before watching the movie.

Chennai Express is a movie that cannot be really termed as a movie of today, but a Tamil movie set in 80s but presented today with a Bollywood star cast, and contemporary elements in a typical Rohit Shetty style. One can get to see the same blown up cars and stunts as we are used to seeing them since ‘Golmaals’.


The movie revolves around SRK who is playing the lead role of Rahul, a mithaiwala in Mumbai, who looks after his grandfather’s business. His grandfather is portrayed as a possessive one who loves his grandson a lot, and cannot live without him. After his grandfather passes away, Rahul promises his grandmother to immerse the ashes of his grandfather in Rameshwaram. But Rahul decides to go on a trip to Goa with his friends. He boards Chennai Express, telling his friends that he will get down at Kalyan Junction. And then, all of his plans of vacations are foiled by runaway Tamilian girl Meena, who is the daughter of Komban’s don- Dugeshwara. Meena runs away to escape her 4 brothers who wish to take her back to her village, and make her marry to Thingbali, against her wish. Like an every Bollywood movie- actor becomes the savior of heroine, so does Rahul as he unwontedly travels to Komban with Meena and her brothers.

The story is pickled and peppered with lots of masalas and comic scenes, with a touch of parody. Like always, Rohit Shetty has proven his unbeatable direction skills and that he has his own style of directing a flick, which no one can copy. The movie takes you to a virtual tour around the exotic locations of South India, like the terrains, mountains, waterfalls, and much more.


But, there is a lack of comedy punches in the script, story being highly predictable makes Chennai Express nothing more than an Express train. It fails to be a Rajdhani or Shatabdi as it was expected by critiques and audiences, though the movie becomes a onetime watch with its locations, inducing humor by Deepika and SRK and its songs.

Overall Rating: 3/5.