Check Out the Color Trends for Fall/Winter 2013

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Fashion gurus have always been ahead of weather forecasters in predicting the trends of the upcoming season. Three or four months prior to onset of a season, designers and fashion gurus come up with the trends, colors and patterns that are going to rock the season. This year isn’t an exception to the rule as gurus have predicted the trends and colors of the season.

Like a perfect fashionista and urban chic, you want to keep yourself updated while buying winter/fall stuff from the malls and local markets. So, I am coming up with the color trends that are going to be a big hit this fall/winter, so that when you hit the malls, you end up buying the right and classy stuff. Get set, go!

Color trends that have been shortlisted for the season are: flint, storm, clash, and alpine.

Flint Colors

Flint is basically a sedimentary rock that can come in an array of colors. Mind it, this rock is going to rule this fall/winter. It includes colors ranging from gray (dark gray), gray, orange, and green. Such colors express the persona of a woman in altogether different manner. Flint colors have it all- softness, sensuality, and sophistication.



Storm Colors

This trend includes colors where bold color meets the subtle, hot meets the cold, and feminine meets the masculine. For example, different hues of blue will be getting mixed with the subtle and soft. Sandy color is going to be the pick of the season. Having a monochromatic blue evening gown with golden embellishment is going to be one of the perfect evening wears of the season.



Clash Colors

The main message that these colors leave on us is that you have to be very positive in life, no matter what. Bold colors are going to be mixed with pastels. Black will go under transformation, to become dark blue. It is basically intermixing of colors to bring out the best, and it is going to be the ruling color trend for fall/winter 2013.



Alpine Colors

Alpine colors include colors that are warm and natural such as red, green, and brown.  Alpine colors evoke a sense of rejuvenation and provocation of energies into your life. Green amongst these colors will be a big hit for red carpets and other social gatherings.


So now, you know the color trends of the fall/winter 2013. It’s time for you to head to the market near you, to stock up your wardrobe with the appropriate colors of the upcoming season.